My Dungeon quest keeps crashing

Whenever I want to play dungeon quest, it will go the loading page and crash back into roblox main page. Can anyone help me? Other games still works hence; this is not the phone problem.

Try uninstalling and reinstalling the game.

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Already tried that nothing happened

it could be an incompatibility between Roblox & DQ for some reason.

also Roblox and Dungeon Quest are different games, unless you are saying you are doing a dungeon quest in the Roblox game. in this case, this is the wrong Forum. this Forum is for Dungeon Quest, not Roblox. you would then need to go to support for the Roblox game concerning your game crashing.

if it is a problem between both games, you might need to send a message to support for both, and maybe a bug report to both.