My first billion dmg

Guys im happy huhu. Thank u so much to that guy Golem. He helped to get me to my billion dmg.

My question is, that purple color is ‘elem critical dmg’? Or no? And what does the bluish dmg nmbers indicate?

Thank u.

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Congratulations! As far as the different colors, white is normal damage, purple is critical damage (not elem-crit, that just counts as regular damage), and green is special damage (I’m assuming crushing blow in this case, but I believe deadly strike also pops up purple). Blue and red numbers are actually special mana and health regen respectively. Normally, from picking up an orb, but possibly from other special effects, I do not know off the top of my head.


White is Normal Damage from any source.

Purple is Critical Damage from any source, including Deadly Strike.

Green/Teal is Crushing Blow/Flames Damage. It also lets you know if there is an Explosion from Explosive and if there is a Deadly Strike.

Blue is from Mana Regen, On Hit, Potion, Orb, Mana from Healing through Harmony Mythic, and the Pool Shrine.

Red is… Damage you take or Damage that is healed from the same sources as Mana. Can’t remember which. I think it is from healing, while white is getting damaged from monsters & breakables.

@Demm Congratz on joining the Billion Damage Club!

Critical Hits are the last Damage checked for, so if you have high Fire, Poison, or Bleed Damage on a Build, each of those DoT’s have a chance to have a Critical Hit or Crushing Blow (if you have CB…)

I was recently going through old Posts… and there was a mention that when there is a Crushing Blow, it blocks the chance for Critical Hit. I had read another Post awhile ago that mentioned that Crushing Blow & Critical Hit are checked at the same time, and I think that Post was more current than the CH getting blocked CB. at this time, I don’t know and haven’t tested to see if the blocking is true or not, but since this is kind of a big thing, I’ll have to look into it. this might be why most older builds that are posted mention only using 30% CB or lower.

I guess a +60% Crushing Blow & +60% Critical Hit test is in my near future. I just need to see if they both can happen at the same time.

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They appear both. I had both at 75% in my past build. Also now, idnt have any explosion so yeah, but not sure idunno. I was thinking that these criticals will do my dmg. But men, i need the base dmg to be high not the stats.

I discovered that when using Epiphany, I really need to con\sider which affixes to max out and which ones to keep at the original cap.

I usually go with 100 Power Stat with the last 3 Stats in Mana or Health (depending on the build). +200% Weapon Damage. at least +200% Elemental Damage. +100% Glasscannon, unless I need HP for a build, like a Masochism/Defiant/Bloodmagic build. at least +200% Elemental Critical Damage. I usually have 40 points in the Skill I use for main damage. +60% Attack Speed or Cooldown, depending on which skill is being used for damage.

if you use Sets that give constant damage instead of other things, like Pathfinder (5) with Dodge +60% giving +37.5% damage and damage resistance. look for those Sets and consider which combinations go with the build you want and your playing style. then consider which affixes go with the Sets you have chosen and go from there. do the work with paper and pencil first to see what kind of damage numbers are possible. then check the Codex > LegendEx to see which Items are needed to make the dream come true.

there are some old builds that went with +200% Weapon Damage and +500% Elemental damage, and +200% to +600% Elemental Crit damage as a base and crafted a build around that. or a max Bleed damage build. don’t forget the +50% damage from using 4 stacks of Shock DoT. I used Shock a lot in my Noob days just because of that extra damage.

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Wait hol’up kinda late opening this post, and… How- my Warrior damage only 239k ~ 3m

I posted my build HAHAHA. I’ll post another. Ill just finish touching my pet to lvl100 xD ill post it soon. Ill name it Thousand Rainbow Meteor Shower. HAHAHAH


saw the other thread, great work! @JellyDQ will really like your build.