My first ever eternal pet



So good.

It says uploading… on your post.

It feels.good right. XD to get your.very first eternal pet

Not bad that eternal pet. Enough MP for days.

Thanks guys :smile: ANTI-BARBARIAN AFFIXES

@darkeons21 I would prolly use that for a good Manashield Wizard with Iceburn and Arcanist. Nice loot mate! Gratz for getting your first Ete Pet.

Yeah, but I’ll try to use it for my reactor build , solo :smirk: pvp

Super High MP and Super high leech.

Yeah no need for desperation or mp affixes on gears , but only the prob its ascendant affix , naturally for hireling :disappointed_relieved:

I had a eternal but is was summoning so i converted it and got a zircon