My first vac and.. headache.. LOL

my first vac after 3 month playing this game… and here the question… should i build my vac to myhtic or stay with my current staff

if the eternal helps your build a lot, stay with with that eternal, and save that vacuus for your future huge build to craft :smiley:

well… to be honest… i kinda ecstatic when i got my first vac… but now consider the dif… i wonder if any build to vac will pass potential of my eternal one… with eternal and my current build… my highest dmg is 7.2b

7.2B is much great damage, then i suggest reserve your vacuus for your PvP build if ever there is :smiley: thats just me huh :smiley:

i thought so… or i just change it to bow… and use for my new rouge build… which i whink i will start after 2.1 patch

i think vacuus staff if converted it into rogue it’ll turn into chacram

oh… that… erm… damn…

im not 100% sure hahaha, just around 90% haha

well… i dont have jesper for now to test it… since i thought vac only have bow and staff… but if there also chacram vac… that would be super rare… LoL :stuck_out_tongue:

well now im pretty sure that staff will turn into chacram if use jasper haha

man… i never see ppl use chacram in pvp… nvmd…

theres two of them i met at pvp using chacram at eternal, even me im using chacram

Seeing as you’re using f00kee’s Earth Shaker build, you’ll probably need the Aftermath.
Left to right :smiley:

yup… my eternal skyfall is aftermath…

That +10 Meteor and +2.0 AoE is pretty sweet, too.

yup… 3 meteor coming…+ i had magnify talent… basicly it hit all mob in screen