My game always crashing!

This happend after the update

Game won’t crash when I play offline
But when online crashes when I open the game

Can only open till home screen will crash after a min though

what device are you using? what version are you playing on?

Android latest ver

Check this out some thing is not right always crashing and something wrong with arena can’t open campaigns can’t upload my progress

it is possible that the update did not install properly. please upload your save and redownload the game.

Thats the problem I can’t upload my progress

Hey! Have you tried to contact the support?


Yeah have done that but still nothing I’m just dealing with the problem myself .I would do 2-3 matches after that I restart the app and do the whole process again. It’s kind of a hassle but as long as I can play it’s fine by me

Same thing for me just spent $20 of real money on it did update and now can’t play

Ios or Android?