My god

Can someone tell me how to kill these two ? :joy:

Even if my 2 Char aim in one enemy, Still so f***** hard or i dont know hahahaha :joy:

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Everytime i encounter Scooty’ wizards, I already forfeit the battle :joy:

Make sure your hireling is too tanky. Then make sure your main have skills with fast hit frequency (Storm, Orb, Chakram,Earthquake) your PROBLEM? SOLVED!

hmm, just in case you dont know, you dont have to kill both of them to win the round. You can win the round by beating 1 and make sure you and your hireling are both alive when the round ends. Therefore it’s always effective to bring a tanky hireling and you control your dps character.

Kill the squishy one and let the other one live.

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If you cant beat them, just dont play the arena for now until the devs do something about it. Go pve for now as pvp looks dead at the moment.

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Yeah thats a pretty good thing but im maintaning on my mmr so i’ll just play and let scooty get me.

I already did that strategy (Aim 1, Kill 1).

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