My impression of the game so far


Why do the baddies leave rings and necklaces in their weapon racks? Who does that?

The ogres really like to throw things. Rocks. Big rocks. Rocks bigger than my angry little wizard. I dive left. I dodge right. They kill me.

I see an explosive box. I know it will kill me and yet I still run into it. I kill myself a lot that way. I also have an inordinate ability to find and stand in the green poison clouds.

My dog hates me. He thinks since he did the job of digging up the gold I should go fetch it. Maybe I need dog biscuits to bribe him.

I told my dog if he doesn’t start fetching better I’ll trade him in for the dog in the Bissell ad.

I’m ready to buy a Bissell. After all, it vacuums and washes at the same time!

I will backtrack in a map a long way if I see a mythstone or crystal I missed. Now that I figured out crafting I also figured out I will never have enough of those.

If I see a gold pile my dog dug up I won’t backtrack to get it. That’ll show my dog who’s boss. Let the worms have it.

I hate the worms. In the next patch please add an animation where if I kill a legendary or mythic worm without dying my wizard will run up and bitchslap dat mofo corpse right upside da head. Jus sayin…

That is all. I’m addicted beyond reason.

You guys run the coolest ads I’ve ever seen. Those kids that play ping pong are amazing. This is the first game where I often actually watch the entire ad. The ‘make me laugh’ ads are hilarious!


I have hirelings that that go on strike and watch me die.


My warrior just staying as a trinket.When he moves just running as a headless :chicken:.He is just doing the best thing; to be a chicken. A chicken…


My warrior hireling is a 7 deadly sins crafted with lots of procs. It’s a lunatic but very funny to watch