My lvl 70+ warrior reset back to lvl 1

So I’ve been playing my lvl99 rogue with my lvl70+ warrior as a hireling for awhile now, and this morning while playing through a couple of levels I noticed my warrior leveling up pretty fast. Turns out he was around level 11 or so, and that he was probably level 1 earlier. I don’t normally complain about bugs, but this crap is infuriating, especially since I had just decked out my warrior and now he can’t use any of his high level items…

I don’t know what else I would be able to do, but this bug sucks big time. Also, I found someone on reddit with the same exact problem:

Here is a screenshot. It shows my character backup from a couple weeks ago, and as you can see my warrior (Rex) was higher level before:

Let me pretend to be @Refia for a second…

Hey! Please contact our support. I am sure, they will help you:


Hi I got the same issue weeks ago. Just contact support, they will fix it asap. :smiley:

Hi Danny,

This should be fixed on your end. Just go to your DQ Account screen and press download.

Thanks for playing!

Thank you for the really quick fix! Annoying bugs, but as long as the support team stays on it, it isn’t so bad.

I would edit or take down that pic. Ur email is visable. Don’t want someone to try an hack it.

wow this just happen to my lvl 99 rogue, she resented back to lvl 1 , but was still wearing all her lvl 100 gear. this is how it happen, just went to new map both heroes died at spawn. respawn main, then respawn rogue, saw that she went from lvl 1 to lvl 3 really fast . check that hero point s have reseted , but she was still wearing all her lvl 100 gear , but they were in red. since I just did a upload , which I do every 15 minutes or when I find some rare legend or eternals, I wasn’t worried. just ran around letting her kill everything , she went up to lvl 46 by the end of the map. went to next map to see if she would reset back , she didn’t , so I just close the game , uninstall it. installed it back and did a download , everything was back to last upload. good thing I make it a habit of doing uploads every 15 minutes or so , you don’t want to be farming for 2 hours then lose that great eternal you just got.

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This has happened to me twice in four days now. Any word on what causes it or on when it will be fixed? It appears to have been around for several months now.

I am sorry to hear about it. We are still working on it.

We think this is related to a few different challenge map layouts. I think I spoke with you via email, correct?

If I did not and your character level has not been restored please email me: