My nemesis

Im just curious if whos the owner of this toon this is my nemesis keep breaking my streak. this wiz is freakin annoying haha (having hard time reaching 2.3+k rating cuz every time i fight this toon in every 6th match ders like 50-50% chance winning lol)

He is Dumbledore in forum and he is hacking.

@Dust lol that xplains why im having hardtime dealing with him zzz… hope devs kick out this kind of people along with mikuyo

Goodboi.hadi is a cheater but their build is completely legitametely buildable so it really isn’t a big deal honestly

ya good thing now out of 10 matches i only lose to him once/twice but all my win against this guy is win by teeth to teeth very tough and close one

I have heard that its impossible to get eac on pets without hacking, is that true?

Yes :smile:

I have EAC on my bow.

Does that mean I’m a hacker?


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Yes ur being banned from everything ever for hackerinos :stuck_out_tongue:

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@Skaul u dont play anymore?

Umg my lif is rund

@roykiyoy no I’m noob gear plix

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skaul probably bored in life lel