My noob luck build

Hello I wanna share my build for new players, this build is purely noob so anyways here arw my items

So do you have any suggestions for my build or improvements feel free to state so.
P.s. its my farming build right now, elements are originally shock.

Elements are ice dude :laughing: hahahaha

Reroll the Epic affixes with Fluorite (The blue one with a cube shape.)

Well I have used much of my stones especially sapphire for changing stats so , farning as of now , btw what I said is the elements of the items are originally shock , change them for effectiveness . :sweat_smile:

Here’s a great build to gain insight from.

Try changing energy to discordance so you can spam orb reactor

Welp I need energy for this one coz it uses shield as my form of surviving attacks . So this one is a attacker-defend build and also I use iceburn wooioi

Use emerald dude

Well the thing with emerald is that they cannot be edited a.k.a most crystals cannot be used especially sapphire or flourite so skyblue items are much better in my opinion. :slight_smile:

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Dude emeralds are for u to have better quality for the item… Its for rerolling for u to have a perfect affix lol so u must use it… Sapphire for me is ultimately useless… U can use it on lower levels maybe on higher levels but rarely… Flourite on the other hand only rerolls epic affixes… Btw do u know hpw rerolling works? If u have a higher quality item which u obtain by putting emerald (max) . The higher the chance to have a perfect affix along with the level of the item ofcourse… Lets say u have 5% quality on an item and is level 100 ull have much less quality in ur affixes ., ex if u roll in those category the max add damage of +weapon damage will just be 3-4000 but if u place enough emerald to make it +25 quality the item can have as much as +5000 weapon damage… So u see emerald is very important in crafting a much powerful item esp when u want to rocket through higher floors.

Also use peridot to increase the items level… I can see that ur build needs a ton of work but u need to start on basics such as improving the quality and level of the item.

Btw. What do u mean by emeralds cannot be edited?

i mean the green items @deathGG , maybe you mean crystals not emerald ??

Ty for the tips I`ll improve my build using your tips :smile:

Owwww… I understand now.
Glad to help…