My Old School Fate Travestys....(maximum rerolled item level

Hehehe…the new look of my old schools Fate Travesty after I updated to…

Oopss…here are the others…hehehe

Oopss…here are the others…hehehe

I’m just wondering…I looted a Fate Travesty awhile ago the look is this one…

Fate Travesty is supposed to be a pink axe. In the Rogue update, there’s a bug which change the item’s appearance. I’m already reported this since the beta stage, but they haven’t fixed it yet. It’s not a serious bug, so I think it’s fine by now. I’m sure it’ll be fixed in the future :smile:

Thanks for the info… I kinda like the look of the bug one…hehehe… [emoji13]

I don’t get this thread, you’re spamming a lot of screens of “fate travesty” but what’s the aim? :smile:

He wants to show, I guess, that before the latest update, the Image and Look of Fate’s Travesty looked different compared to now.

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Ahhh!! Didn’t get it this way! Thought he would show us his “maximum rerolled item” = his rerolls (but none were at maximum, that’s why I was asking) :smile:

These Fate Travesties are my fave weapon last year when I installed DQ month of June and played it until September then I stop playing for 7 months(unsinstall it)… Then I saw the version of 1.4.4 series this year around the month of May so I reinstall it again.from then many cool things and items were added.hehehe…the maximum item level is now 100 for rerolling before it was only 99(last year that’s why I said old schooI)…[emoji28]