My Own Rogue Bow Build (HailFrost of Arrows D.A)


Thank you for suggesting @CuzegSpiked i plan to replace my Adventurer with Arcanist and on my Cap i plan to replace it with Apex of Epiphany, Is it ok ?


Do i sill need Epiphany bonus for this ? I plan to increase my Total DMG.


Additional suggestion is replacing your resource mythic to Fury since it’s more suited than the costy Energy. With Fury, you can spam unlimited primary with the highest attack speed with higher chance of deadly strikes, but overall a nice build! good job @fudgenever10


If i replace my Energy mythic to Fury, then Stealth would cost more lot of Furies. so i think its better if energy will be my backup.


I’ve never noticed the pet! that’s a crzy Eternal Bane you got there! with it’s affixes you can replace Permafrost with Cosmic Power and add Timewarp Proc for more damage!


not really, as what I’ve said no worries about getting a high regen since you have a good amount of attack speed. you can always recover a huge amount of Fury by spamming Guidedshot without worrying about using specials.


Ok i’ll try to remake my build from Energy to Fury and also does the timewarp with guidedshot really work ? It’ll be pretty OP if it is.


It does but Timewarp is bugged ATM so it’s not gonna work this patch.

Tbh it would be op with any kind of projectile build. For eg, LOHKO build in PvP, Godwarth Build in PvE, my orb builds if it were fixed although i think it will be nerfed, your build , and pretty much every build that is projectile and especially if it’s discordance.


Epiphany bonus could be good for your build. You don’t need Epiphany affix to achieve it either because you’d only need that 45% attack speed and the rest from nature’s/pets.

I can definitely see demonic being used somewhere but it doesn’t matter. Good luck .

Fury is good but Fury doesn’t buff arrow damage. However energy and alchemy does.

Spamming alchemy will be quite good for arrows and combined with masochism or Hunger set affix for extra damage.


Ok i’ll go straight ahead of Apex of Epiphany but if i remove the epiphany set affix. i wont reach the Epiphany bonus DMG. Because the Attack speed caps are 60% if with Epiphany it would go up to 80%. So still im gonna need Epiphany and replace the Permafrost (Though permafrost is just a 50% Element DMG.)


Hey @CuzegSpiked about the Arcanist with Ascendent on rogue its pretty OP. I already tried it and it nerfed. I already replaced the Adventurer with Arcanist and Ascendent on my warrior. Highest Crit DMG i’ve ever seen on my Build is Quadrillion DMG (I can send my image if this is Quadrillion or Trillion) and the crystal affix Deadly strike, im planning to replace it with 90% Weaken and 1 question does the 90% Weaken pierces the Ice immunity ? Cos if i remove ignore resist and the enemy have ice immunity i dont think it can pierce or can be weaken.


Immune enemies are easy when you have 90% weaken. Sure you won’t be able to freeze them but you will still deal crazy damage.


Wooaahh so the 90% can still pierce Immune enemies AMAZING. Ok i’ll remake my build :slight_smile: Thanks for the suggestion cuzeg :slight_smile:


nice build +1


Thanks and im planning to remake it thanks to @Cuzeg. I’ll update this build ASAP.


My pleasure lol. Good luck :slight_smile::sweat_smile:! :parrotdad: :parrot: :tripletsparrot:

Also what’s great is that guidedshot uses the 50% DMG per pierced at hero points 20 which will increase all DMG by 50% per enemies pierced by arrow which is insane.

Due to that concept , I also planned on making guidedshot build as well as wizard pierce build or Chakram+Whirling blades or even throwsword + hatchets. Then I tested alchemy and I would likely use Alchemy Mythic since it’s so underrated and quite good for builds with guidedshot, flintlocks, any primary skill.

Of course when guidedshot at 40, even better due to 100% DMG per enemy pierced so all your DMG gets increased by 100% per enemy pierced through.

But tbh it isn’t super OP because bows don’t have highest base damage but it’s still extremely powerful. Great even for the wizard sword which doesn’t have the fantastic base damage.



I have an Orb-Wizard and want to have a hireling on it…
Is this boy here recommended to do so?
I would like to play roque much more than wizard(so maybe change places, that wizard is hireling)?!



Hey @CuzegSpiked im almost finished on my rebuild gears, do i still need Effective mythic to pierce immune enemies ? Does is suit on my Rogue bow build ?


No need. But effective is really big boost though. Also different element explosions are nice so I’d say definitely give Effective a go @fudgenever10 .

I was gonna say add Skilled Mythic but I double checked and I didn’t realise you added Skilled. A no brainier mythic skill for primary skill build.


I’d say add Mutilate talent on chest? It would add quite a bit more damage to your build when you use Multi Attack and Extra Attack which will help but keeping Fletcher is also a good choice I guess since it outweighs the gains from Mutilate? Although mutilate is also quite a good talent for your build.