My Own Rogue Bow Build (HailFrost of Arrows D.A)

Guys, This build has a semi permastealth and a Frozen explosion build, I dont know how to explain but here are the images and video. So sorry about the sounds of my friends (Actually theylre playing Crossfire Zombie mod) and this build will cost more Ultra rare crystals and it will be pretty bumpy road to farm these crystals (Rubies, Amethyst, Garnet convert to Ruby, and Obsidian) and a couple of Ultra rare Mythstone.

Watch the video and enjoy, THANK YOU :wink::ok_hand:


Now the permastealth do really exist if you have HIGH attack speed and HIGH chance of deadly strike.

Cool build mate. Literally it is a cool build. Hahaha. Almost the same as i saw from someone who is a reg member here. Forgot the nme tho. Try changing fletcher to mutilate as it will benefit from extra and multi since u have crystal attack speed. And btw whats your highest dmge stat after the explosions??

Try change crit dmg to reduce CD and put all strength nature and barbarian also maybe?? I’m not sure Btw cool build to bow type

Reduce CD for what ? I already have D.A (Deadly Arts) for permastealth mod. And im planning to remake my bow with Berserker Axe (With Weapon DMG% and Barbarian%) For another 50% Extra DMG Multiplier.

I like faster arrows so i choose fletcher. Your opinion maybe great but it depends on you :slight_smile: Faster Arrows, High chance Deadly strike, Reset cooldown rocks \m/

I see, I think stealth at rank 40 + crystal affix reduce CD is close to permastealth

That’s great barbarian + wd%

Yeah but the time that Stealth is updated. it is now hard to achieve permastealth with Low CD. Why not choose D.A ? D.A doesnt need to waste another crystal affix like 45% Reduced CD.

I change the element of my Eternal Pet (Ice) HAHAHAHA i forgot to apply calcite.

Yeah , a cheaper choice , keep it up bro

What a real good build!
Would do the same, if I could have two charslots, but only can have one at a time and that´s really sad…

Keep up the good work!

I suppose you have max ms…try replacing one of the ms affix. I dont know if adventure gives over the cap ms knowing that you already have full ms from affixes and from your 20 dex.

Total of 60 MS cap (The Epiphany) more MS more DMG.

I know epiphany extend cap but if you have 50% ms already does adventure ms speed bonus of 37.5 still adds to momentum bonus of 50% of total ms?? I really dont know thats why i always run with 15 ms + 37.5 of adventure bonus ms to achieve 50 ms.

Yo loving deadlyarts for stealth why puting crushing blow reducing ur chance to deadly .
Remove adventurer or add stealth proc

How about this? Put Arcanist on rogue replacing adventurer and then put Ascendant on warrior. The warrior putting the arcane Debuff will buff the rogues power immensely for more DMG for your rogue how build. The warrior puts arcane Debuff due to Wrath 20 talent.

I tried this but using a different build but I think it will be extremely great. Especially with Weaken as well.

You have ignore resist though but that’s ok. You already have deadeye 20 so I was thinking maybe try weaken 90% to replace the crystal deadly strike. You also have 20% deadly strike from deadly arts. 20% or 40% deadly strike is good enough if you plan on adding Weaken 90% over crystal 30% deadly strike.

Angelic set might go great with your build if you can implement it (replacing adventurer of course because 25% extra damage but also 25% extra attack speed so essentially a free 25% attack speed which works even at 60% attack speed). Although you may not need it.

Of course if you do add weaken, the ignore resist would be replaced. Maybe with more crit and replacing rage eventually but regardless, it’s a cool build without these modifications I’m suggesting.

Other than that, a fantastic bow build with very powerful arrows going at the speed of sound. Lol.

Edit: On that note, someone should use masochism as the bug with masochism is basically fixed anyways. Maybe not you but somebody. Goes good with Demonic, Relentless, defiant and anything to do with hp%. I would love to see masochism being posted in forums.

Nice build thanks for sharing bro.

Crushing Blow for higher floors dude and Stealth proc is no need for me :slight_smile:

And on Adventurer, i plan it to replace it with Arcanist and Ascendent on warrior .