My progress in 7 days (farm build)


Hello everyone, a brief prehistory: My main account was banned for frequent download (when I changed the phone), at that time I was the top 1 in the arena, a lot of donation and other things.
It would seem that so much has gone from me, why did I start again ?
It’s just a cool game, and it brings me pleasure

Now let’s talk about my progress:
I started playing a mage, it’s just the easiest class to start because of its strong ability Storm, find him too simple.
This is a screen of my things, and a screenshot of my stats:

Next in the plans:
Adventurer set on off hand for speed run - speed sweep cards.
Eternalized set on your head for the chance of falling out of eternal things
Epiphany set on ring to enhance caps stats

I have enough damage to farm the cards I need (no more than 200 because there’s more pack size and magic enemies), but I still plan on making 100% glasscannon for 800-900 cards.
item drop I already typed it, you have 3 spawn points for 50%, I have to reroll them to the maximum.
move speed I have dialed, but 25% on the cap, which I will be changeable.
I have enough survival, but I plan to take 1 dodge and 1 block for high cards.
Damage I have enough even to 480-500 cards, but later I will dial 3-4x Blight for high cards.

Pet 100% imp is a great way to farm legendaries.

I plan to do mythycal cap to farm mythstone.

aoe range and magnify talent is the HUUUGE AoE. The size of the ability to full screen, very fast sweep card.

Until that all, continue farm) Could be more, but work :wink:
Most likely, I’ll post the final version of the build, and will add the video :wink:
Good luck


Loot from 1 map


So you just improved it @gruvka💪… See you thier in arena’s not now but soon…good luck👊…


@gruvka this is a great Thread!!! new players are always asking for an easy build to start with, and here is a build with easy to find items, and a few more difficult ones to find that you already farmed for and are now using, and an explanation for what you are using and why.


@Golem @HawkEye Thanks for the support)
This job doesn’t give me a normal farm, but now I’ve already finished a farm build, and I’m starting to farm resources for the arena build, I still need to buy an extra equipment slot, but that’s not a problem.
I think then we will create a separate topic with a ready-made farm build.
I also finally fixed the computer, and now the farm will be even faster (on my phone I lagged :frowning: )

I will break into the arena :slight_smile: I have a very powerful idea, as well as AI settings like Scooty (checked this in ban league btw) :slight_smile: in division 1, I definitely break in :smiling_imp:
I also think I will shoot the battle arena on video, but it depends on the phone, because on the phone it is more convenient to play the arena)


Tried to attempt this build of yours
Since nadroji robe and glinting sword cost a total of almost 4k dust i was wondering if you have an alternative to those 2 above items

Im currently still using ducttape build to farm for those gears but even in level 200 floor m3 im only getting 4 - 6 legends per run to be salvaged and i havent run into nadroji robe


Just put any luck or fortune on gear and kill monsters on say about 230 epic level. You will drop nadroji robe. Save your dust for other things. Change weapon damage to element damage then add on legendary element damage and element critical using rubies which you can get by converting any legend or eternal item ( with money and luck )


You can drop nadroji on floor 101. Just do easy speed runs


Who said that I bought these things in codex?) I only spent dust on the nadroji amulet, because they fall only from rare mobs, crystalline and eternalized things I farm on 350+ floors (anywhere mobs,shop,imp,feats etc). nadroji amulet 101+ and nadroji robe 201+ with rare mobs.
until i had these things i replaced with a wand with + fortune (i don’t remember the name)
do not waste dust on clystalline and eternalized things! only on nadroji if at all unlucky.

Do not forget to roll maps, maps which I farm:
pack size 100+
magic enemies 100+
use larimars and diamonds

just as you can see almost all my cards: epic, this is because they have more luck and gf, but do it if you have no problems with gold. just buy cards inventory, sell yellow and blue, and again)

just do not forget about imp! Many people think that this is not so important, at the moment I have imp 2 the best way to farm legends (leg, crys, eter)


Took me 5 hours ish to finally get my hands on nadjs robe but its wasted when i failed to roll crystal luck affix on the first try…@gruvka how many tries did u take to score luck on ur robe?


@Riyo8494 haha. when it comes to Obsidian, sometimes you get lucky on first roll, and other times 2-10 rolls.

@gruvka I used Imp a lot when I first started DQ, and I loved it when I discovered I could make him only drop Legend+ items!!! :heart_eyes: but that was before I knew how to make Farm Builds. so Gold was a problem. wow, I just realized I haven’t used an Imp for a long time.