My research about enslavers

Hey guys i´m colleting pets and i always wanted to know the chance of enslavers to spawn.
so i counted all my started floors and enslavers found.
atm im at 47 floors and 12 enslaver kills.
That means 25,5% of my floors had an enslaver.
I always did floor 200, mythic 3 and cleared the whole map to be sure to miss no spawn.
Maybe you are interested in this and i could help you :slight_smile:
maybe i will continue counting and update my results
Peace !


good observation you can use boost to spawn enslavers on each map

yeah i bought his boost 2 times and i can recommend everybody to buy it… you can easily do the feat with 1hour boost

but i wanted to know the normal spawn chance… thats why i did that :smile:

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on my own theory about enslavers every 1-4 map done enslavers will show up


Long ago, I seen a theory where enslavers spawn at the upper right of a map but I’m unsure about that theory. I read that when I was beginner but that post was very old so it’s probably not valid now.

I can say that most of enslavers are in the upper half of map

Enslavers will spawn:

  1. Upper corners of the map
  2. Away from player spawn location
  3. Usually near Healing Shrines

Makes sense. That about sums up 90% of all enslavers encounters.

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Even at floor 200 the chance of Enslavers and Cartho’s are just randomnly intact (80 to 100%)
That’s my observation.

well there are lots of possibilities and that RNG is doing a good play its hard to guess the right map

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Yup. I can agree with that. How cronos got 3 eternal pets on his birthday by such luck is cool though. He did do eternal maps with monster spawn boost and such luck too which I wish I had. Even though he did get eternal pets, most of their affixes sucked. Either the set affix sucked but good epic affixes or the other way around.

Imagine getting an eternal pet and it turns out to be fauns gift with amazing affixes. Fauns gift is good but not for every build (goes witbout saying), or the other way round could be getting an eternal druidic pet but all the affixes are hero points and talents of rogues. This is just an example and it’s more annoying when the pets are eternals.

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Fauns Gifts is really good for Warriors for those who are going to create a Fortune Bringer. Well the I would agree with the rest of your words :smile:

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best eternal pets for is momentum, plague, vampiric, faunt, inferno and permafrost :smile:

I hav an enternal spike from my second enslaver feat (very lucky :slight_smile: ) wirh 30% critchance and 150 % gold find… the other affixes are wizard talents so i guess its not that good

deadly arts is nice, too

yes deadly arts too but im not using it