My ring disappeared - where is it?


I played normal with my wizard + roque(hireling) and then i started a new map(floor 606) and when i looked into equipment, my ring disappeared…
Screens of the good one, and the one after i looked again attached:

Hope you can help - it was an elexir mythstone in the good ring :frowning:

Ah - btw, the ring from my wizard was copied in any case and stay at the wizard equipped and at the inventory of roque?!

Did you use quarts?

maybe you sold it or equiped by other hereos

I didn’t sold it!
It disappeared and that’s real not funny… I played long, to get this thing…
Is there no chance to get it refunded?

And i didn’t use any crystals on this ring, after i had finished it

my condolences DQ items are not tickets they’re not refundable… its a bug men just make another one then put it on a stash then close your dq, kiss your phone (not necessary hehe) and open again

orr… you just forgot where did you put it but… but there’s nothing you can do but make a new one if you lost it :sweat_smile:

orr… maybe you can play DQ and check your hand if you see the ring then you’ll have powers … its your lucky day!!! :tada: aaaahhhh just fooling Dont mind this

Weird this is a very rare bug I would suggest contacting support to get the resources to re-craft it :smile:

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I sent you an email about this issue, closing this thread

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