My rogue

guys, this is my rogue. i was wondering if any1 have any recommendations? like which talents i should focus?

Is this for battle arena or for monsters?

for monsters…i have a different set for arena. i remove all my fortune :slight_smile:

If you already have an “elixer(elixir)” mythstone and at least one zircon crystal, remove the 10 mirrorimages in your isis amulet and use zircon + elixer on it. It will give you the biggest boost as far as I see.

Also you might want to get used to uniform elements on all items unless you really intend to leave it that way.

I do not know your item natures but well…

On talents:

You must have many crystals called “citrine”

CHEST: Since you do not have multi attack yet, you will get more consistent results with “celerity”

HEAD: your choice of mirage + ring talent deception is good but I’d rather choose “relentless” to drastically improve kill speed (and better loots that come along with quick kills)

RING: if you want to keep your mirage talent in your icarus hat keep the deception as well. However, since I recommend relentless on headgear this is better paired with “blindside” because 10% x (20+8 from your chakram)= 280% chakram damage on return!

AMULET: Avoid ambush! Deadeye is very good but you only have 30% crit chance from your items so that would give you .30 x .28 = 8.4% deadly strikes or less than nine in 100 hits.
I suggest “razored” instead


ohhhhh thanks! as for the natures i went with death until i maxed out my crit chance; 1 evasion and a couple strength to increase crit damage; 1 luck to max my luck.

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also does having uniform elements boost the elemental damage? also i forgot that i have 1 gear with elements as nature…should i change it to strength instead? seeing as i have maxed attack speed and crit chance…

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also i have this but i don’t have the necessary hero points to use it properly as of yet since i would be missing the 20 points in boomerang. also, since i don’t have multi-attack but i do have +4extra attack chance, i thought mutilate would be good. but would celerity still be better?


Try and get an eternal fabled chairman by finding any eternal weapon and using jasper .


if this is a Farm Build, it only needs to be able to hang out on Floor 500-510 of any Difficulty Level. maybe up to floor 1000 for items that can only be found on floors over 500.

if you are still in the early game, then you are still farming for Crystals & stuff to make the better Builds you want.

this is a good Build for an early attempt, keep getting stronger!.

items only need to be the same Element as your Weapons if they have Elemental Damage & Epic Crit Chance affixes on them. the Element Nature isn’t affected by the Element of the Item. so if you have Element Nature on your Chest (which is Fire Element), it will still give you +5% Ice ED for your Ice Weapons.