My share to you

Its more than 5-6 years i think already since I had played this game and i reach 2600+ stage now. I can still remember when I was a noob and also ask players to forum for question for some problematic stages. I do have a main account(@Helpme) on forum but i dont use it now, i mainly use this account.

I want to share my build so here it is.

This build cost dust and crystal so you should prepare first and collect them.

Since i dont like frozen and i hate it, i dont use it.
I like wizard so i use it and i saw how powerful skullshield is. I decide to play around skullshields dps and try to maximize its damage.

This build is glasscannon so you dont have much survivability other than 50% dodge.
The pet here is very difficult to get and finish. I lost like a lot of topaz, a lot of it, and its very annoying to perfect this affixes, my fingers hurts so much.

You need to follow the numbers on certain affixes like (empower+9)(glasscannon+49)
My tip is when you get the ring(remove the unnecessary affixes>>improve the quality and level)
then put the glasscannon, then start rerolling and try to get 49% and try not to get more of it otherwise masochism set will have a problem.
Next is the weapon dmg and barbarian. Try to get like 199%wd and 49%barbarian, i know you can get 200%wd and 50%barbarian but its really hard, and also annoying.
You can try other main hand skill like twister for less dying or some projectiles too.

Im surprise to see 10mill(min dmg) to 20mill(max dmg). Because last time i experimented with this build, I only get 8-15 mill. Quarantine really made my brain think about this build lol.

You can probably use this for climbing just by putting Crushing blow and not deadly strike.
But i just like seeing that raw damage LOL.

You guys can probably see some potential adjustment to my build and improve it.(Goodluck)

Some gameplay.


nice build.

attack speed doesn’t affect skull shield. better to use the Talent Necrotic instead of Focus, more damage. Rage Set instead of Momentum, you can get max Crit damage with just one Crystal Crit Dmg affix. that gives you room for a +90% Crystal Weaken. guess you could then change the Epic attack speed to +30% Weaken, then every hit would have Weaken. this would more than make up for the damage you lose from changing Momentum to Rage. umm, maybe put Empower 9 on Gears and Weaken +30% on Pet, because eventually Empower on Pet will go to 10, and you will have to spend crystals to make it 9 again.

ahh, i see that you are using attack speed for the Epiphany bonus, which is +70% damage.

if you are using Masochism with Skull Shield for damage, better to switch from Energy to Blood Magic, then change one of the Glasscannon to Explosion +400% to give your Skullshield some AoE, which is Skulls weakness. Masochism keeps your Health around 50%, which means your Blood Magic is giving about +100% damage (BM gives 200% of your missing HP% in damage).

sorry, i said this is a good build and then came up with a bunch of new ideas.


Your right, rage is a better set, i mix rage with other powerful gears i am currently experimenting and currently tweaking.
I reach a trillion vs a mythic boss with 0.5 heal on stage 2000 takes me 11 mins with multiple deaths lol. This is with 225 luck +4 pieces of luck nature and 4 item drop slot lol, so fun adding rage set. Im trying to maximize dmg with a hireling with perfect luck and gold find with 2 toons. This is the only gear at this moment i succesfully built to beat mythic boss with 0.5 heals with no use of frozen of course.
Thanks man.


haha, well, if you don’t want to spend 11 minutes beating down a boss, use Larimar to change the maps affixes so there isn’t any Heal.

on the other hand, at least you know how powerful your build is… :crossed_swords: .


I think i can shorten it if use this with my main, but the probably here is that the mythic boss spam its skill too, to finish the stage, i remove the 4 item drop and change to 4 move speed mythstone so i can dodge and maneuver around.
So problematic.
I tried this build to a greater resist poison with 0.5 heals and no skill spamming boss, i did it in around 3-4 mins. Its the ice spiky boss.

Do we have a rank for toughest kind of mythic boss?or what affixes is the strongest combination they can get, the maximum affixes they can acquire? Like hp+great resist+ etc+etc.??

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just look in the Codex > Dictionary > Enemy Affix and Codex > Dictionary > Map Affix. then just pay attention to the affixes on Maps and then the affixes on the Monsters and then see which combinations are difficult to fight against.

as far as Monster affixes, Normal (white/grey) don’t have any, and from Magic+ add 0-1 affix per Tier. there is also a Map affix that adds +1-2 monster affixes to each monster on the map, so even the Normal monsters can end up being deadly, especially if you have a +2 Monster Affix on a +100% to +150% Pack Size Map. also, some builds make some Map & Monster affixes easier to deal with.