My Strongest Set

What do i need to change? or it’s already better as it is?

Improve the quality of the gear. That will make you gear even better.

This PvP or PvE build?

Both, but it’s stronger in Pve

Druidic useless without mp or hp regen affixes

Yeah. And for PvE druidic , you’d need Regen to buff poison dot. For PvP , just Regen.

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Druidic bonus gives me 5000 hp regen and my hp regen get’s increased because of druidic it’s not completely useless and it’s actually decent i have like 10k of regen

Druidic Bonus gives 5000 HP regen. No need for crystal HP/MP regen.

I’ll keep that in mind…
I was actually going to do that :sweat_smile:
Thank you for stopping or i would have wasted obsidian

Is this for PvP? I don’t understand why you use crushing blow.

Oh yes…Um actually i just updated this gear and it’s WAAAYYYY better if you want to see it
lemme know…

Your build can be easily countered since almost everyone uses perseverance.

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Ok…but like i said i updated my gear and i changed the allflame with this and it gives me a tremendous amount of damage

Has i said before increase your gear Quality (emeralds) by increasing it your ar and dps/dmg will also increase.

Still have u seen that quadrillion damage build? Its reall op with crystal regen affix. Its nerfed now but you can make it better. Up to you tho.
Heres the link. If u already seen this tgen you know how powerful it is :wink: [DQ 2.1.] MAYHEM PROJECT - Rogue Build [PvE] 235 QUADRILLION DMG

Yep. This is what rogue green garden would have looked like.

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