My suggestion

There should be option to put ur stick in one place so it doesmt move when i press it back its anoying for me rn when i play when i just kill boss and i leave vstick alone and when i want to use its always in bad position there should be vstick lock so it locks in one place

Don’t know what you exactly mean, but you can change the V-Stick in the control settings to be either stationary or floating.

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Spot on :stuck_out_tongue:

Even i do stationary its close to corner of my phone so if u can choose place and lock it so it doesnt move :slight_smile:

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So you would like to be able to “set up” your ui?

attack buttons and v-stick location and then be able to lock these in place?


Sounds awesome! :slight_smile:

Yes tdaniel

Ok! Noted and thanks for the feedback. This has a low chance of getting added to DQ, but I have it on good authority we will have better UI customization options in future projects!

Even its not going to be added i thing i use controller but anyways thanks!