My team :D

LOW QUALITY EDIT, Bcoz im only using my phone haha i dont know what good app to edit and merge pictures haha



its nice for a phone edit :smile:

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What build of your wizard bro ? :grin:

Thanks :smiley:

Reactor build bro

Reactor gives me a headache, haha.

Haha reactor is my favorite, when it comes to “clearing maps fast” hahaha

Can i see your build sir ? I’ve been looking for wiz high dps

theres a lot of good build for wiz at build compendium sir :smiley: my build is just for hireling not for solo run

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Yeah i’ve found the build of @f00kee :joy: my main is the build of @cronos4321 :joy::grin: i got 600+B dmg :grin:

thats enough :smiley: thats a great build :smiley:

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Thanks pre :grinning:

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