My Wizard builds, need help choosing gears...Orb vs. Twister vs. Summoner

Hey all ,

So I am a level 77 wizard , aND I would like to know 1)which gear set/build is optimal for me right now, and 2)if my build is in the right track.

Items (all legendary except the 2x eternals)
Eternal Icy Grip (Eternal)
Echo Brace
Icicle Crown
Eternal Brontes (Eternal )

Each item is sockeTed (when applicable ) with 25% max MP

Build gives me talents lvl 18-22 for mana shield, crit , stun , and empower (for more MP for mana shield )

I have 3 pieces of permafrost gears , also granting me the permafrost bonus from Icicle Crown (huge mp regen). I also have 2 pieces of equality from Parity and Unity. Finally, reactor from the ring gives me arc, and I have an orb proc. Is thor a better weapon than my eternal ? My thor has similar dps, and would boost my arc and reactor , but I’d have to respec…is it worth it?

5700 hp
77k mp

330k max twister dmg

Items (all legendary ):
Master’s Grip
The Void Tome
Spirit Hood
Spectre Band
Death’s Breath

Again, sockeTed with 25% max MP (when applicable )

Build gives me all summon based talents lvl 20-25 to boost minions and their aps, hp, dmg, etc.

I have 3 pieces of spirit master, giving me a decent minion bonus on dmg .

51k hp
50k mp

133 max twister dmg
100k max summon dmg
10k command dmg

10 Blast
17 Twister
1 Mana Shield
1 Time Warp
13 Intelligence

8 Health
36 Power
45 Mana

Did I allocate these correctly? If not, what is the correct build fir me as I am leveling ? What about the build when I am max level ?

Which of these 2 builds Is optimal item wise? Also, I have a nice Thor sword, and when paired with my eternal ring (which adds 18 to orb), maybe a respec for orb would be optimal over my eternal icy grips?

Any and and all input is much much appreciated ! Thanks!

This man can help you. I call you Grand Wizard Master @CuzegSpiked :joy:

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Yeah I am a wizard harry.

Depends. Orb for the hit frequency but close up for best effect. Twister for that taunt and it can be big sized through hero points as well as bigger hit frequency. A great AOE .

You can switch special skills by using amber crystal if need be.

Glasscannon to add DMG as HP becomes less relevant in later floors. Also add some dodge to your build if possible , crit damage , crit chance.

Elemental crit . Then set affixes well you go with the legend that works with you until you get plenty of amethyst crystal. If so, you can have many set to add.

Interesting build. I’d say collect some crystals and progress through floors and see how this build serves you. The minions and twisters may be a nice combo. Timewarp doesn’t work with orb and twister though.

You’re ok on the survival end since you have HP and MP but think about depending less on getting hit since dodge may help block damage, especially useful above floor 200 and counting since enemies get exponentially more powerful. At level 100, AR gets the least effective and resist sometimes.

Wow I didn’t know you could swap skills using a crystao, as I haven’t run into any amber yet, that’s dope though…

Sounds like orb and twister arw both viable , which is good to know…just curious if my thor weapon would be better than my eternal gaunts? As well as few other questions I had in OP, still unsure -_-

So how does my point allocation look though? I appreciate your reply, if you could please help me out with some more of my questions , I would greatly appreciate it! Thanks !

Good for now. I would say power 99 but at your situation, maybe not. As for hero points, good allocation but maybe skip for Timewarp if you have gold.

Also how come you use blast?

Yeah I have tons of gold, and plan on respec to drop the points in warp and mana shield…

So all on power is what you usually do huh? Interesting…I guess I will get all the hp and mp I need from gears then?

As for blast , that was stupid , a noob mistake I pumped points into it as soon as I got my eternal gauntlets , as I respecced immediately when I got them , not even knowing I would onlyrics be using twister and blast sucked lol…

I will try and grab more dodge , I know it’s a good at atm I just haven’t ran into any good gears with much dodge on it yet …

But wow man, thanks for all the great input and comments ! Much appreciated !

Any others that have comments would be greatly respected and cherished! Cheers!

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Try Reflect build with manashield :smile:

Oh I just realised you can’t switch skills by amber in eternal gauntlet. On non Eternals, yes you can tho.

Welp, I respecced orb, using a Thor, 2 piece permafrost and 2 piece reactor …and the damage output is way stronger than the eternal gauntlet twister build…max orb x4, all on top of each other , ticking away, SHREDS bosses about 10x faster than twister could .

I aLso fixed my build up …max twister, max intelligence , a couple in mana shield rest into luck (will be max as I level up a bit more)

What do I put points in after luck is max ? More mana shield (2 point base, lvl 6 with gear , -38% reduction from talent) ? Time warp (mine is lvl 12 wirh gear bonuses alone )

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Oh and for farming reason, it is wise to invest hero point in fortune just so you know. Fortune 20 Vs no fortune makes a massive farming difference, especially in mythic 3. Then rest of hero points in what you want.

Farming and damage , using fortune 20 or something with other hero point.