My Wizard turned into a Warrior

Yesterday I purchased a second character slot and created a Warrior, previously I was playing a wizard. After some time playing the warrior I decided to play the wizard and now it has turned into a Warrior and can’t hit anything.
It’s stats are the ones from the wizard but all the weapons and appearance are from a Warrior.


Hey ivofarcry, sorry to hear about your characters getting messed up!

If you upload your latest to the Account system, we can fix them there, and have you download the fixed characters.

Just let us know whenever you’ve uploaded ( if we take a bit to respond, it’s only because we’re eating turkey :smile: )

Thanks I’ve already uploaded my characters before creating my warrior. After downloading that data from the server de problem was solved.

Turkey yummy.

I jis had the same thing happen. I have a lvl 98 warrior. And i was playing my 55 wizard when i decided to swotch and hire my wizard and get some good loot for him. But my warrior is half wizard now. My axe is gone. My equip is gone. And my invintory is gone. I had the full set of blood knight stuff. I need help fixing this or this is going to be a mood killer on keeping this game.

I just uploadsd my characters. Please contact me via email or through here. I dont know what to do.

Ok will fix you up, I’ll post back here once the process is complete

Thank you. I was/am freaking out. It took a lot of gringing to get the outfit and to get him leveled. Ive been playong this game for quite a while now. I love that its not impossible to play wothout paying for something. Makes me want to buy more stuff. Excited for pets and other class.

Please let me know what i can do about my invintory stuff and equip.

Ok, you should be safe to download your account now.

I got you the Blood Magic set back. Couldn’t restore your inventory, but we did try to at least compensate you some for your loss/frustration.

For now until we get the next patch out, avoid pressing the “Level Up” or Challenge Pop ups and managing inventory, as we find those might be the cause of this issue.

Thanks for your support and please let us know if anything else goes wrong :smile:

Thank you. That was scary…
So do i have to go find the axe again, that thing was a beast. Worked wonders and spent a ton of gold to get it right.
The one with torrent and extra attack chances.
Im not ungrateful. Just curious. Sorry. Thank you.

There should be one in your inventory now

Thank You! You guys rock. Looking forward to everything else you come out with.

Ahhh… i guess i dodnt follow the directions very well. My warriors amulet turned into a wizard amulet. And the ring no longer says blood knight. Ill stop hiring until a fix is here. But can someone help me. Steiger ? Lol sorry to bother you bud. I just uploaded my characters.

I have been keping my invintory and gold low just in case this happened again. So there wasnt much loss there. Just the pendant and ring class switch.

Sorry. Thank you.

Fixed again, let me know if that works!

Thanks again. Please let me know when its safe to hire. I dont want to keep bothering with stuff like this.

Any news on pets or new class ?

Steiger. Check your inbox. It happened again. :confused:

Got your message, will be able to get to fixing your account in an hour or so.

Thank you.

ehhh i was stupid and deleted my 32 wizard with some pretty sick gear, just to fix this. i realize since ive already uploaded my new wiz to your server i cant hope that you can fix this for me. but when will this bug be fixed? if you can adjust my current wiz on your server mine was level 32 , could summon 5 minions, and had a blood mage staff that removed my mana. ive only had your game a couple days and have spent at least 8 bucks on it. would appreciate any help, or at the very least to know this wont happen to my future chars.

also why does my game skip the boss battles at least 3 out of 5 times?

If you press the attack button on the green exit vortex, strange things happen… Like skipping boss fights.

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