MyAppReset :(

Why This Happen to me :frowning:
My character is level 60+ then something happen the game has been shutdown then when i open it my character back when i didnt save in Cloud. Please GM/Admin help me. i am sad in my lost time playing it because i have loot eternal and legendary item. i hope you can help me… Thank and God Speed.

im really unclear as to the issue here.

you say…

you got your character back, but you didnt save in cloud?

But if you got your character back, what is the actual problem?

TIP : always back up your game save to the cloud either, before, or after a session. if anything happens that wipes out your devices data, and if you havent got it saved on a) another device, or b) in the cloud… its gone. EOS.

There is no limit on uploads to cloud. So use it for safety. Always. :slight_smile:


I’m pretty sure ur phone shutdown during saving progess.
It’s hard to rescue ur data since it not saved on DQ server :slight_smile:


thank you.

its sad.