Mythic 1 vs mythic 3 farming

Hi new player here, how come no one talks about farming a lower difficulty level? Say doing mythic 1 because of faster run times as opposed to mythic 3, though of course the gold and luck is lower in mythic 1.Does mythic 3 contain higher tier items/runes/gems or something?


the difference about very easy diff and mythic 3 is only the monster hp and experience u got… and some item only drop at fix difficult like ephihany, etc… U can see at codex for item u want. If it say drop at legend diff, u need to cleared map with diff legend and above

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So if u already have max luck and gold find… and didnt search any item specific… better to farm at easy mode… fast kill mean faster farming

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the speed of farming and the number of spaces needed on Equipment for Farming.

on M3 difficulty, you get +350% Luck & Gold Find, +175% Experience. monsters get +10,059% Health & +43.75% Power.

using Epic Luck & GF, that is 4 spaces each for 8 total. that gets you to the +650% Cap. 6 more spaces using Fortune MS, 4 if you are using 4x Legend Item Drop affix. that gets you the +200% Cap.

if you are Ascending, 6 Quest MS for the +200% Cap.

and this is before the Farming affixes like Eternalized, Nadroji & Bonus, Crystaline, Mythical.

on Very Easy difficulty, all those bonus’ you get for M3 are 0! sure, the monsters are easier to kill and easier to survive, but 18 spaces to get the Luck & GF to the +650% Cap using Epic affixes.

for new players, you really have to use the lower difficulty levels. less stress learning the game, making DQ more fun. as you get to learn how to do better, you can start playing on the higher difficulty levels.

one thing is that the faster you can kill a monster, the better the loot, so lower difficulty levels are good for this kind of farming, especially when farming for Crystals & Myth Stones, and Gold.

the last thing, is that on M3, all Legend & Eternal Items can be farmed. some Legend & Eternal items are not found on lower difficulty levels.


And remember only farm on the difficulty and floor ( +1 to 50) where the item can drop. No point going to floor 1000 unless you want to unlock the last items in codex.


This helps a lot, thanks guys

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