Mythic 3 PVE Farm Build (Rogue)

I was wondering how other players get millions on damage. I was curios what is the best build for Rogues. I need help.

I’m losing hope for my Rogue build. I’m not lucky with the affixes. Maximum damage is just 5m. Always dead in the dungeon. Sigh. It’s too hard to get perfect affixes.

What do you mean by perfect affixes my friend? Tbh it requires a lot of farming to get high level crystals. Here’s what I’d suggest to help you along the way:

  1. tweak your character’s build to maximize Luck % and Item Find % without sacrificing too much dmg, and make your hireling’s gear maxed for those attributes as well. Hireling dmg and defense attributes don’t matter because he doesn’t need to survive for you to benefit from his extra stats. Also, just having a hireling with you gives you +100% item find automatically. Your Luck and Gold Find % is capped at 1012%, Item Find at 350% with a hireling.

  2. The Crystallized Set perk will help a lot, as well as relevant Ascension perks as you farm along. Nadroji set bonus will give you higher rarity monsters too, increasing chances for good drops. Eternalized is a great set too, for reasons mentioned below.

  3. Buy multiple floor 500+ maps (or as high as you can) on Very Easy mode (or as high of a difficulty as you can easily manage to kill enemies). Note that you cannot travel to Very Easy mode when you have a hireling with you (but you can open a very easy mode map). So buy the maps without a hireling, then return to the main menu and hire the hireling. Then open the maps.

  4. You have two options from here, you can either use crystals to re-roll every map you bought for maximum Pack Size bonus (Epic enemy %, Magic Enemy % and Rare Enemy % are also good perks), or you can equip a ring with the Hunter mythic and just kill the epic enemies from every shrine and mana/hp pool (or both!). Either way, you’ll probably get a high level Crystal once every 1-3 maps depending on what floor your on.

  5. This one is a no brainier but of course you can salvage any crystal and eternal items that you find along your travels for 500,000 gold each in exchange for a super rare Crystal. It’s a good deal, but from time to time you fail to get a Crystal (I think). Worth it though!

  6. Every time you kill the boss / cartographer of a floor, items on the Vendor page refresh. Occasionally you will find super rare crystals available for purchase from the Vendor for 5 million gold each, a little steep but worth it if you have the mula.

  7. The Vendor page also sells equipment as you’ve most likely seen. Whenever I have a lot of Luck % and I’m wearing Crystallized and Eternalized set bonuses, I find that it’s a good idea to purchase all the gear in the shop. About 1 out of every 3 or 4 times that I do this I’ll get a Crystal or Eternal rare item. It costs about 1m gold to buy all the gear that the vendor sells. Again, Ascension perks help.

  8. The last tip that I’m aware of is having an Imp pet. In the game options you can change your preference so that you only pick up Legendary items. If you have an imp, it will convert unused drops into rarer (sometimes the same rarity) drops. This increases your chances of getting a legendary item, which increases your chances of getting an eternal or Crystal item, which you can then salvage for a super rare Crystal as previously mentioned.

I hope these tips help. my fingers are hurting now :smile:

I do know some of this. But when I use Rubies or Obsidians…I get some bad affixes options. Like procs. I used alot of Rubies already. But all I got is procs options. Even using Obsidians…I am very unlucky. I can’t get my desired affixes. Not like the others…they’re lucky with the stats.

Ruby almost always roll ~4 proc affix for me. You rarely see elemental critical damage or item drops or something usefull :stuck_out_tongue: With the obsidian it sometimes need many rolls and sometimes you get what you want on your first try :slight_smile:

I’m unlucky lol
I just hate that fact lol hahahahahaha :joy:

Yeah, for the sake of my sanity I try to wait until I have a few of the Crystal before I attempt a roll, otherwise I find that I’m spending millions salvaging crystals until I get another Ruby/Amethyst/Obsidian rather than waiting to farm it :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

I spend millions on reviving inside the dungeon lol hahahahahaha :joy:
I salvage alot too…
I can only farm Easy mode for now.
Currently 405 and still dying like 25 times every 5 minutes. I can finish a map for 25 minutes or more. Sad life of a weak shit hahahahahaha :joy:

“Just” kill them before they kill you :smiley: Or go lower floor.

I do “KILL” them before they “KILL” me but they can kill me first. My rogue got the worst build ever. I’m really confused what to do with my build now. I feel so lost. Sigh :cry:

By the way? Which floor can I get Defiant items? I’m so intrigued about that. I wonder what’s the best Mythic set combo I can make with Defiants.

Floor 200 from epic+ monsters.

I just got this recently. But it damages me. Should I just keep this for awhile? Because I’m dying because of this. Any suggestions? @Msiiek?

It’s nice for buffing damage but masochism set will keep you at 50% hp. Get more hp if you want to survive and use this :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m having hard time farming Mutiny argh :rage:
I git Mutiny before but I accidentally sold it argh :rage:

Having the same problem…I need mutiny for my build but its not dropping even tho ive spent hours farming epic enemys from floor 201-240 :confused:

1000 luck + 6 nadroji is getting me 1-2 defiant like items per hour. Maybe you are just unlucky :confused:

Dont hav a proper farming build yet so very little luck on my characters (got nadroji 5 on main) but running mythic 3 should be enough to find a mutiny soon i hope

1 get Hunter Ring/Perk.
2 Buy HUNDREDS of Epic Difficulty floor 200 maps.
3 use Larimar and Diamonds on them until you get +3 Epic monsters.
4 IGNORE all monsters that are not in your path and go straight for the Shrines, Enslavers and Carto. Ignore Carto and Enslavers if they are too far away.
5 Only exception to 4 is if you get Pack size
6 DO NOT play on any other level
7 Make sure you have a strong enough build to one shot them
8 Use max farming gear on both yourself and your hireling