Mythic 3 PVE Farm Build (Rogue)

Dont hav a proper farming build yet so very little luck on my characters (got nadroji 5 on main) but running mythic 3 should be enough to find a mutiny soon i hope

1 get Hunter Ring/Perk.
2 Buy HUNDREDS of Epic Difficulty floor 200 maps.
3 use Larimar and Diamonds on them until you get +3 Epic monsters.
4 IGNORE all monsters that are not in your path and go straight for the Shrines, Enslavers and Carto. Ignore Carto and Enslavers if they are too far away.
5 Only exception to 4 is if you get Pack size
6 DO NOT play on any other level
7 Make sure you have a strong enough build to one shot them
8 Use max farming gear on both yourself and your hireling


Arik, Masochism will get you killed easily. Although it does combo nicely with Defiant, it neutralizes your respawn invincibility. You typically have about 3 seconds after you revive before anything can damage or kill you, but if you’re wearing Masochism set you no longer get that 3 seconds, which means enemies can keep on killing you right when you revive. It was damaging to my build when I tried it for that reason alone. :X

Honestly…I got a Mutiny Flintlock last night. I put an Obsidian on it but the stats sucks. I random reroll it with no hesitation then viola it bacame normal. I suddenly realized that I’m too stupid to do that :joy:
Now I’m trying hard again to find another one. Sigh I even wore a Nadroji set on but Mutiny is on mutiny I guess. Hahahahahaha :joy:

It is much easy to farm expensive crystal than mythic stone(getting drop and converting green and converting crystal item). I recommend we must buy mythic stone from merchant.
Playing with hireling like warrior with whirlwind or wizard with 10 M summon . Player controller character can survive with lucky equipments

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I’m glad I was on target :smiley:

Does it make a difference if the floor is exactly #200? As you said here “6. DO NOT play on any other level”

What difficulty is the best farming site for Mutiny? I forgot where I got my Mutiny last night. Haha :joy:

Mythic 3 so you get free luck %. Floor 200.

Higher floors = enemies are more difficult to kill.

It is actually a lot cheaper and faster to do it on Epic difficulty. Monsters are 16x easier to kill! So you can easily sacrifice a few damage affixes for +Luck and still oneshot them. Killing them in 1 hit is VERY important if it is your goal to ONLY farm those legends. You will sacrifice a lot of other things but this is the most efficient way to get them.

Use this combo Sets , Hope its useful .

  1. Momentum , Adventurer
  2. Plagued , Druidic
  3. Frozen , Permafrost .

in the above set gives you decent damage .


Lol okay

The higher difficulty the better if you can kill monsters as fast as on lower difficulties.

I was frming for Nandroji Amulet… Where can I farm those?

Nadroji amulet and ring drops after floor 100 from epic+ monsters.

Losing hope for this game…it sucks for me. Hunting Nadroji Amulet alone takes me alot of time. From 100-156th floor…No Nadroji Amulet appeared. Epic monsters drops Rare and Magical drops. Sigh this game hates me too much. I think I’m quitting. I’m having a headache. Why do that item is so scarce? How much luck needed to boost drops? How to boost drops? How to boost luck? I really don’t know what’s wrong with my character in the game.

Use charge to move fast and look for shrines. Use epiphany if you have and get your luck to 1012%.

@Msiiek He is still farming at low floors so he can’t have epiphany yet.

So he just should instead of trying to find nadroji, grind floor and the item will come along the way. Go for 6x quest mythstone if you have and get some ascensions that will help you find legendaries. I don’t think it’s good idea to focus on one legendary if you don’t have good farming items.

My farming build sucks…Im just repeating M3 201…vaulting through the map for shrines…I can even summon Legend enemy every 3 or 4 floors I think. With 750% luck and Nadroji Chest and Ring+Eternalized Helm. I’ll jist farm more. I can do this I think :joy:

I read that we need to increase item’s quality for a good affixes.