Mythic affixe : Mythical

Hi, I would like to know what is mythic skill because the affixe Mythical increases mythics skills’ damage +25%. Is it the 2nd skill on MH weapon (For exemple KnightsCharge on a lance ?).
I’m really confused so please tell me.

TYVM :slight_smile:

To my knowledge Mythic skills are the purple affixes themselves. Go to your Codex and view Myhics. Each one has a unique effect designed for specific items as well as being able to convert your resource system with any item.

Those are the mythics they refer to, not the MH or OH Skill itself but rather the Mythic affix on the item. I.E: for example an MH to have Cosmicorb would be the mythical skill that is boosted by mythical mythic and the legend (if there is one, I’m not entirely certain ATM as I can’t remember) :joy:

But no - it doesn’t refer to the active skill of your MH and OH.

Mythics are crafted in either OH or MH. When it says it increases the damage of mythical skills it refers to the procs of the mythic skill you placed in your MH or OH. Not the skills on your OH and MH that you can press.

Okay thanks so muuuuch guys I get it now ! :wink: