Mythic item "FURY and ENERGY" considered as mana or mp?

if using mythic item “HARMONY” with FURY/ENERGY will be the HP of our Hero healed by 25% gained by the fury/energy restored?

I can confirm that fury + harmony will heal a minor amount of health. Love fury for primary skills. Not so good if you mostly fight with your special skills. IMO fury is very good for spammable skills like boomerang, barrage, charge, guidedshot, & ricochet.

Well in my own understanding by using fury ur mp becomes fury by using energy ur mp becomes energy as well as blood magic ur mp becomes hp, their name changes and not mp anymore, theres some of resource mythic that doesnt change the name of mp like equivalence and alchemy i think those 2 is most compatible with harmony, knowing dq every single word counts. so in other words fury/energy is not compatible for harmony,

this is in my own understanding.

conclusion: harmony no effect with fury and energy

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Sometimes seeing is believing :wink: