Mythic: Skilled - does it stack with weapon dmg 100%

Hi all-im sure this is answered somewhere but i struck out finding a straight answer. I put mythic “skilled” on my chest and i have 100% weapon dmg on my MH. Am i wasting a spot in my chest? I can’t see my stats go up or down when i swap out my chest for junk piece. But i hate to give up all the work i put into it on just guessing that its not helping.
Thanks all!

Yes it does stack :smile:

Does skilled work with discordance?

Well not really. It doesn’t add 50% to the special skill MH% that acts like primary skill but it will still add to the actual primary skill which really helps as Primary Skill with discordance can’t be multiplied by Multi and Extra Attack.

If bow were to use discordance with Multi shot but you used reduced CD by huge amount.

The arrow would be 1050% MH. It won’t be multiplied by Multi attack and extra attack since that goes to special skill in discordance but it can still be multiplied by skilled , push the limit and hero points as well as other things such as Timewarp. HIGH CD arrow though but high damage. Lower with reduced CD.


Thanks Griffin :slight_smile: does Skilled show up anywhere under the stats tab? I noticed under all stats tab it says weapon damage is 0% even though my primary has 100% weapon damage too. Is this a bug or are these completely different stats than the affixes and mythic Skilled

Skilled won’t show up in stats tab. That’s intended.

Ahhh ok thanks! That helps :slight_smile: id ask why but the answer is probably too complicated lol. Thanks!

Ok lightbulb finally. I figured it out.