Mythic Skills and abysmal DPS


I’m aware that some of these have practical uses aside from DPS (which is reeeeeeal sweet) but they really lag behind when it comes to raw damage, no matter how much you boost them. Perhaps I’m doing something wrong and in that case I’ll be more than happy to be corrected.

So I tried both Cyclone and CosmicOrb. Cyclone completely disables the toon during execution which is meh-ish. CosmicOrb, however, is insane! It’s a completely separate entity of its own, and has superb hit speed, and doesn’t disable the toon! Things you can do with it, I leave to your imagination :wink:

However, both are somewhat lacking in damage. From the stat page they are ridiculously lagging behind after normal skills.

If someone can indulge me with discussion and/or screenshots I’ll appreciate it.


  1. Cyclone disables your MH skill use. This is intended as it is a buffed up Whirlwind. It hits once every 0.25s, dealing a lot of DPS. I use this on my Warrior Hireling. His skill set is Whirlingblade, Scalp and Sprint Spam. So all he does is walk around with unlimited HP due to spamming Sprint and lv30 Prayer. Unlike Whirlwind, Cyclone, Whirling Blades and Scalp do not disable OH Primary skill so it is an idiot proof hireling. Having access to new AI options are great too! =P

DMG-wise, even on a farming build and many not optimal affixes, he can deal up to 6b DMG with Cyclone. I am too lazy to fix him but he is good enough the way he is for now. He even has Timewarp Proc just to buff me! XD Recently I have been too busy testing so haven’t had a chance to play n farm for almost a month now. =( He is like a walking vortex of doom. Sucking all enemies into his spiraling AoE black hole with a timesphere ready to boost my ranged attacks and protect him from enemy projectiles!

  1. Cosmicorb is one of the skills I think will need to be buffed. Right now, just replace it with normal orb and you get basically the same thing…

There will be quite a few balance changes and I am quite sure Mythics will be reviewed. So just tell us what you think about them. If you have not tried Rockblast yet, I really recommend you to do so! Barrage is great too. Avoid Earthquake for now since it can cause performance issues on your device (will be fixed).

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Thanks for the very detailed reply! It seems I need to mess around more with affixes and whatnot. RockBlast and Barrage seems interesting by the description, I may try them after I get another suitable weapon to mess around with :stuck_out_tongue:

Rock Blast is fun. It is like you are shooting meteors at the enemies. It shoots 4 rocks with 500% DMG each. Single target (rocks disappear on impact) so 2000% single target Burst DMG. Very good for those annoying Epic+ monsters. Plus this skill stuns at 100%.

Bombard is just multiple meteors. If you like watching a lot of rocks falling from the sky, use Bombard. Just like Meteor, they leave a burning crater behind dealing just as much dmg every second for 2 seconds. If you stand in one place, the meteors will form an equilateral hexagon on the floor.

Apocalypse is bugged atm so avoid it for now (Will be fixed in 1.9).

Arc is pretty meh just like Cosmic Orb.

I find cosmic orb to be pretty practical. At just 10% Elem Crit, it activates elem crit very, very often… though it really shines against any pack of monsters.

Say, does living force affect Rock Blast? It looks like fun

  1. Replace it with Orb Proc and you will get the exact same effect…

  2. Sadly, no. I think this is a bug.

I guess for just a few trippy-looking bolts it’s not as mythical as the other mythic skills… looks like I will try Barrage next. :smile:

Rockblast is extremely good against single targets. Bombard is damn good against anything, but lacks range. Both are affected by ascendant.
Apocalypse packs a punch, but the furies will spawn only when the element is not either fire or ice.
CosmicOrb is… Bad. Before the proc reform, it was a pretty good skills, with superb cooldown. Now orb+reactor are far, far better. I don’t know if it counts for reactor; maybe that can make cosmicorb better.

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I may give this a try. I am using poison anyway because of reasons. How’s the damage on this compared to bombard?

The numbers are quite similar, but I’m not sure if those are per meteor, or the total damage. The main difference is the amount of elemental effects inflicted.

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Bombard is the strongest AoE Mythic. Not only does it summon a lot of meteors but it also leaves a burning crater that deals damage per second. Just like meteor, you cannot control the range so hitting monsters with it can be difficult.

It’s expensive though :astonished: final MS is a Master.

If it’s something alongside the range of chakrams, I consider it a good range.

[quote=“ocenyx”]It’s expensive though :astonished: final MS is a Master.

If it’s something alongside the range of chakrams, I consider it a good range.[/quote]

Rockblast uses Zenith and Enighma uses elixir!

Range is same as Meteor.

The more I actually tried what you guys suggest, the more and more I get convinced that CosmicOrb is crap… or at least it just pales in comparison. I should agree it had its glorious days :neutral_face:

Either way, whatever’s in the stat page is way below the actual numbers when using anything else that is not CosmicOrb.

Seems I won’t be trying those anytime soon, unless I mess around while half asleep again :laughing:

After much thought I actually tried it now when I got some Fabled weapon to see how Mythology acts with it…

…and it’s awesome. No regrets!

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Chakrams are the best Rogue weapons to use with procs. I am glad the Fabled Blade is a Chakram.

Agreed! Chakrams are awesome for procs. I had nothing else but chakrams for all my recent proc gear to mess around with.

Another question, does identity influence mythic skills that look like some other skill? e.g. Cyclone = Twister, Barrage = Meteor? etc

As far as I know, it does not.

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Ah, shame. It looked interesting :neutral_face:

Identity does what it states. It only boosts skills from classes that r not your own. mythic skills does not fall into this category.

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