Mythic sureshoot bug?


I just create sureshoot at codex and update it say 100% deadly strike,but why my craft still 100% crit chance?

Need fast response :frowning:


Missed updating the description it is indeed 100% deadly strike will keep track of so it can be be updated next patch :smile:


Uhm so now still old sureshoot?if i keep this when next update new sureshoot applied did this will change or stay at 100%crit chance?


The description is inaccurate not the effect so it currently gives you 100% deadly strike chance


Is the attack, when at full health is a guaranteed crit with deadly strike?


Sure shot makes it so that if you hit an enemy that has full health that hit will be a deadly strike


Oh i see just description of the leather say give 100% crit chance but effect still 100% deadly strike chance :smile: ty @Griffin :wink:


Yup! :smile: glad to help out :+1: