Mythic together with set affix?

Hello guys. I was just wondering if you can add set affix with mythic items? I want to add 4 aftermath into my mythic items and also druidic. Another question, there is only 6 items so I plan to have 4 aftermath on each item, the other 2 item will have Druidic with +2 set affix. Will I still get the Druidic healing effect?

You require the amount of sets that the bonus states (all sets does not work). You can put whatever affixes you want on mythic items, but, obviously, no more mythics.

Yes! my Dungeon buddy! i looked online, it says that i need to have 4 aftermath for the aftermath effect and 4 Duidic. What do you mean by ‘‘all sets does no work’’? Also whats the best way to get obsidian ? i also want some other affix but you can only have 1 set affix on 1 item right?

Oh! and how do i get the +all sets affix onto my item? what crystal do i need or is it not crystal? im still a noob. another question, i have the bombard and nova mythic. how do i increase the damage of bombard and nova? it onlys deals 10k+ damage, is kind of sucky

The All Sets affix doesn’t contribute towards the bonus. There’s no possible way to have both the Druidic and Aftermath bonuses in effect. You can get Obsidian by converting any legends (red legends have an extremely low chance, eternal and crystal (green and light blue) have a greater chance) and by drop.
You can only get All Sets by getting the Nadroji Stone / Amulet (see LegendEx) and by putting Elixir Mythstone into a jewelry socket.
You can find more in these topics:

Okay so i can’t get the both bonus from the 2 sets, i can only get 1 bonus. Then what is the All sets affix for? what does it do?

It says here that aftermath cant be obtained via amethyst, how can i get the aftermath set? i thought it was through the amethyst.

Set affixes get stronger when you have more than (1) of them. A set may say “increase DMG by 10%” which means with one of them it increases by 10%. But if you have two, it might say “increase DMG by 20%”. Three might be “increase DMG by 30%”.

That three could be obtained by equipping three items with the same set, or by equipping one item with the set and a +2 Sets affix.

+2 Sets makes your set stronger (and are why you always see (5) on the builds that people post), but they don’t count toward bonuses.

Sets that you can’t get through amethyst can only be gotten by finding an item with the set on it.

Oh okay i see! so basically its better for me to just go for a full set of aftermath right? then put all set affix on it. So since i cant get the aftermath through amethyst, i need to find items that have the aftermath set?

Prior to patch 2.01, the optimal build would be to only have 1 piece of equipment with the Aftermath set affix on it. Then you can boost the set bonus by having the +2 to all set numbers affix on other pieces of gear. The most popular way to do with was to use a Nadroji amulet and ring combination because both of those pieces of jewelry have a +2 to sets affix on them by default. This “magically” boosts the Aftermath bonus up to level 5 and gives you the option of selecting different, complementary sets on your other pieces of equipment. If you look at the build compendium, you will see a different Set affix on almost all gear and those Sets work together to make a powerful build.

However, the most recent patch introduced the concept of Set “bonuses” which can be achieved by having more than one piece of your gear with the same Set affix. In the case of Aftermath, you will need 4 pieces of gear to all have Aftermath on them to achieve the bonus. Your decision point is whether that Set bonus is powerful enough to overcome the 3 different complementary sets you could have on your gear instead of Aftermath. I’m nowhere near an expert on this, but there are others on the forum who can help you decide.

Hope this helps explain the mechanics and good luck!


Okay i understand, so could i just get 2 item with aftermath, amulet and ring Nadroji and the other 4 items with Druidic? Because i want damage from the aftermath and hp regen sustain from the druidic effect. about this nadroji amulet, how can i get it? also how can i make my mythic item have an aftermath on it? okay never mind, just found out that nadroji is an affix lool! anyway, ill just have 2 aftermath and 4 Druidic, hows that sound?

As was mentioned above, you cannot have both the Druidic and Aftermath set bonuses. It sounds like you prefer the Druidic set bonus so I would have 4 items with Druidic, 1 with Aftermath, and then one with another complementary set. Plagued would be a good complement I think with the huge HP bonus and it’s Poison damage buff will complement the one from Druidic.

Then, you can buff those set numbers up with a +to all sets affix. The best way to do that is to find the Nadroji amulet and ring, you will just need to farm for those above floor 200. They aren’t super rare from my experience. An alternative way to get +2 sets on any ring or amulet is to save save save mythstones and convert them higher and higher. The last mythstone adds +2 to all sets if you put it in a piece of jewelry. This is time consuming to do though.

My last point, you can actually end up with a total of 7 “Sets” on your character because Legendary Pets have a set affix too. That means you get 6 options from your gear (as described above) and your pet can give you a 7th. I got lucky with a legendary dog dropped with the Plagued set on him and that frees up a slot for me on my gear. Just keep grinding and eventually you will get a legendary pet.

Good luck!

Yeah i understand that i cant get both sets but i thought if i had 2 aftermath it would be better than 1? maybe i can do more damage or something haha. but the plagued is good too! hp and armour is also what im looking for. Thank you! i have no more questions :smiley: i will be back if i have more questions :smiley:

Two Aftermath would be slightly better than one, but I think choosing a complementary set instead is far better. Think of it this way. If you have two aftermath sets in addition to your 4 Druidic and then you have the two Nadroji pieces of jewelry, your sets will look like this:

Druidic (8) - Increase HP/MP regen by 80%. Adds 600% of your total regen to Poison DoT DMG
Druidic Set Bonus (too lazy to look it up)
Aftermath (6) - 150% chance to cast Taunt when Meteor hits, 150% chance to cast Fear when you cast Shatter. 150% chance to reset cooldown.

However, if you use one Aftermath and one Plagued, this is what it will look like:
Druidic (8) - Increase HP/MP regen by 80%. Adds 600% of your total regen to Poison DoT DMG
Druidic Set Bonus (too lazy to look it up)
Aftermath (5) - 125% chance to cast Taunt when Meteor hits, 125% chance to cast Fear when you cast Shatter. 125% chance to reset cooldown.
Plagued (5) - Increase total HP and AR by 125%. Increases DoT damage for each enemy poisoned by 125%.

That means that your HP will more than double if you use Plagued and the decrease in Aftermath seems minimal to me. Which one sounds better to you?

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Wow, yeah now that you point it out, taking the plagued rather than the extra aftermath is way better, theres more tank also losing that one piece of aftermath doesnt really make much difference at all haha :smiley: i was wondering if i take 4 Druidic, 1 plagued and 1 aftermath how can i fit the nadroji for the ring and amulet? is nadroji not a set affix?

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How can i put aftermath and Duridic into my items? Do i use crystals or something?

Amethyst will add set affixes

hello! these are the examples of Nadroji Ring with +2 set affix and slotted with one +2 set affix Mythic (Elixir)

and this is the Elixir Mythstone

this is a Nadroji i picked up with Crystal affix intact already… i just changed the red and orange ones… look at the Nadroji (#)… it had a (3) inside because the red (+2 set) affix adds 2 to the normal Nadroji(1)…