Mythical pet?

.hello… :grinning:
.i have an issue about pet drop notification…
.i run around floor 700-705, then on floor 702 i found enslaver (orange death metal punk dude)

.after that i meet that ‘punk’’ again on floor 705 (i just not remember to screenshot it) it has a dog and then i kill enslaver dude, it says i got ‘‘LEGEND ETERNAL HOUND’’…
.i feel so happy because i thought its eternal hound with plague set, after i check it in my bag then this thing came out… :sob:

.yes i am happy but its far from my expectations…
.its notification bug??
.because i dont have any issue with my eyes… JK


yes, you need :eyeglasses: … ok, you don’t need :eyeglasses: , it is a notification bug as far as I know. it has been around for awhile, so hopefully it can be addressed by a Dev eventually.

hopefully, the affixes on the Slime are all useful for some Build you would like to build.

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.so far just get this…

.and ill trying to figure it out how to get that plague hound pet…
.my feats is half from mythic enslaver, i hope i can find some trick to get that hound from that feats sir…

.or maybe 7 eternalized equipped set will help increase pet rarety drop…
.nah just maybe, need some real test… :thinking:

Man you are a super lucky guy :heart_eyes:

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.nah not really… :sweat:
.i really want that plague hound…

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this is the best post I have seen for those who want to Farm Eternal Pets.

if you go to the beginning of the thread, there are a lot of questions asked by @Mr_Scooty and many others, and a lot of answers are also given.

also, any Pet that is dropped is random, which is why there are usually more Slimes than Hounds, Fairy’s or Imps.


How did you get so many legend pet and eternal pet I’ve play 3 months now but still i don’t have eternal pet,:pleading_face::pleading_face::broken_heart:

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.I believe its about luck…