Mythical skills?

What is a Mythic skill?

All of the mythics listed under mainhand and offhand weapons get the damage boost :smile:

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Beginning to feel sorry for the poor soul who wrote the Codex manual. So thorough & yet so seldom used…

This one I actually did look up in the codex. Just thought mythic items was only a way to add a ressource system to a piece of equipment. Didn’t know it could add a dmg skill also;)
That said, I think I’m suffering by this specific problem when it comes to the codex:
Codex = Wall of text.
My brain + wall of text = doesn’t compute.
There’s just too much info to remember it all (for me anyway)
That said - you wouldn’t believe the amount of questions I have about this game on a daily basis that the wiki and this forum along with its search function solves for me:p


Lol completely understandable I only started using it myself once I had already learned how everything worked and just want to confirm numbers :stuck_out_tongue: Glad we can help out! :smile:

Yup the peeps in forums r awesome. Without this forum I’d be clueless how many game mechanics work. No resource can truly cover all aspects of a game. Thankfully players, Devs & Mods share their knowledge so we all can benefit!