Mythics and recipes

Can anyone explain to me how recipes work and how to get mythics? I’m sure this has been addressed before but I can’t seem to find it. Sorry for the noob question

look in Codex under Mythics. every time you use, convert, or salvage a Myth Stone, there is a chance to reveal part of a recipe, but the actual part of any recipe revealed is random. do a search on Skaul’s tips and see if he has a list of the recipes. I just decided to wait until I had them revealed the hard way, by the time I was able to use them, a bunch of them were revealed. if you can’t wait, just read the recipes in Skauls post.
4 different Myth stones make a Mythic affix, but u need a certain reciepe for each affix.

You get an item or make one with 4 sockets. Add the mythstones to make the word (eg enigma in a shield) then you add stats using crystal or adding sockets and stones. Best way to learn is to make one. Start with one that you can already make and test it in play

Wow never noticed that parts of them were open now. In the legendex there’s only a weapon and helm with 4 slots how do you get the rest of them?

You can use kayenite to remove affixes then zircon crystals to add a socket for every affix removed. You can find 4 socketed items easily by bashing monsters. Just look at what you find before you sell them

Thanks for all the help everyone

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Here is the Recipe