Mythics in pvp

So obviously mythic on weapon is just ownage. I’m more of an earthquake fan but most ppl use orb we can talk about that too :slight_smile:
What I’ve been curious and trying to test is the rest of the mythics(besides resource changing). I really don’t think they change anything. I.e. sanctuary OK cheats death. Only gives you 10% hp at 100k HP that’s only 10k most people are around 50k HP at beat so 5k like your basicly dead if anything hits you. Ruptured I have 2 identical armors 1 with mythic and 1 with HP or 5k ele to replace it. I can’t see any dmg difference from ruptures being activates if so its less then 100 dmg difference(that’s while doing 3k + dmg with tested skills.
So far I’ve replaced almost all my gear without mythics besides resource and weapon, and I’m way better off. The extra life/dmg/proc whatever seems to be way more usfull and effective.

@Gummy Well,there ARE useless mythics out there for PVP,for example,the ovbious Adventurer,which gives EXP based on the amount of gold you collect,and Hunter,which spawns 1 to 3 Epic Enemies upon activating shrines.

@Gummy sanctuary is usefull since it gives u 1 sec invulnerability after it proc. I personally like raptured on chest i can actually see da dmg amplification after bleeding is applied.

For mh cosmic orb is pretty OP in pvp w/ living force (almost 75%of my dps comes from this mythic) in OH enigma is good too but can also cause ur death cuz of wrong positioning and can destroy ur playstyle(better w/ blinkstrike proc)

I highly prefer vanish on oh it really saves me tons of times.

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Oh I didn’t realize sanc had 1 sec invis. And ya every off hand has enigma or vanish. I sure do love the random teleporting. But the chest I hardly noticed it… I actually can’t notice a diff with pvp combat log helm harmony has it’s place for a cpl set ups but I’d rather just have the affix slot.
Its funny about the main hand of is 75% of most ppls dmg and some of them its 100% lol that or I guess torrent aswell

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Even after the nerf on stealth royk?

@JesusSaves vanish and stealth is useless on arena in 2.4.5 version since the effect has been change to double cast value and raw dodge value in arena is pretty low even u add up crystal dodge affix

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@JesusSaves @roykiyoy …Vanish is still one of the most powerful PvP mythics since it still blinds and that was the only good part about it before :confused:

The only thing op about pvp is the regeneration. Seriously if i hadnt a glove freeze build i wouldnt be able to kill him. I was spamming blast while skulldragon and full skilled skullshield active. Ofc critts only otherwise dmg wouldnt push through.

@Griffin oh yeah i forgot the blind effect still pretty good for dashing warriors. Though i use vanish mainly cuz of its dodge effect it saves me in a lot of situation. Also rogue can easily blind if using bomb oh. @JesusSaves

what? normal hp must be 50k ? but i have 5k hp both in arena and campaign. is it unusal? @Gummy

I suppose it depends on what gear you have like % things aren’t as affective so if you don’t have many it won’t change as much. But like 1mil life in PvE usually converts to about 30/35k life in PvP for me. That’s pretty easy to get with a couple total HP % and luck % crystal enchants with faun/plagued/vamp

But I have a totally different set for PvE usually under 10k HP at least with my rogue

hmmm, i see. but i find hp regen more helpful in pvp than raising hp. well, i’m a newbie so i need to discover more infos about it haha @Gummy