Nadroji,crystalline,eternalize can work together?

I got some eternal nadroji ang legend ring nadroji got a eternalize cap and MH weapon crystalline.

why is there no drop of crstal or eternal?

got hike up to 100 floors still no eternal or legend crystall drop

Use crystalline or eternalized or both then you need treasured perk for additional 300% crystal and eternal find

Nadrojis are for ultra rare legends such as mutiny items (defiant), demonic sets and others

Hide your gold :sunglasses:

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Man, i just convert my mutiny into dust. Am i doing something wrong?

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i have all u said and it didnt drop some. badluck for me. haha

why should I hide my gold, I work for that

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Crystalline is useful all floor 500+.highest crystal you can found at floor 100+ is topaz…
Try to add nadroji robes…

Goblins are around…I for one lol

definitelly, bad luck

Yup i definitely did something wrong hahaha but if u have many mutiny, why not? :joy::joy::joy:

Yeah they can work together. That also increases possibility of eternal Rare Legends and crystal versions from drops of Epic enemies and higher.

Also the Eternalized and Crystalline is super helpful in general for finding items to convert to crystals and use for crafting if you didn’t use dust .

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I’m 450 hiking towards 600 to get the hand of ephipany for the build frozen bow, currently using eternal fate of travesty

any one got a link to a warrior build?

You didn’t yet reach 1000 floor, so where do you get all those gold…??

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Dude easiest way to farm gold is in map 200 … Buy a 200 floor map (lots of it). Every map should give you no less than 2 mil. Easy gold farming.

Credits to @CuzegSpiked for testing it out.

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I already Know about it, so how many hours playing DQ to get 2 billion …

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Ow haha.

Thanks for this. Got 20 m in one sitting, :sweat_smile:

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Ez farming right? :joy::joy::joy: keep it up and lets all strive for 1 trill money hahaha

Also dont forget to max gold find hehehe almost forgot about that… :joy::joy:

8-10M gold once I managed to get in floor 200. 4M gold by enemy deaths as well as crate drops and the other 4-6M from selling a whole bunch of items (that can include legend items, especially before dust came out).

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