Nadroji drops?

Good afternoon everyone, when do nadrojis start appearing? Around what floor?

Nadroji may drop in every floor at any difficulty.
It is not bad idea to take a tour of the forum,instead making a new topic every time you want to ask something, most of your questions already have answers.

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I am getting conflicted answers. I had actually done a search and it said only certain levels like 300 or 150+ now you are saying any levels…

I believe it is in any level, I got mine at around floor 100-120. :smile:

There’s nothing to be confused here.
Nadroji ring and pendant are supposed to drop on floor 100+.
Nadroji helm and plate are supposed to drop on floor 350+.

The thing is, there’s a bug which cause all items can drop on any floor.

And what exactly is Nadroji?

A set affix that makes finding “rare legends” easier.