Nadroji Mythic

+4 all sets, bundled in one affix slot! It could even be made rediculously expensive by making the word comprised of 4 Elixer. Of coarse it would also need the scaling chance to find legends. :wink:

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Would allow for some pretty damn op builds

Bc 400 quadrillion dmg isn’t already too OP lol xD

Regarding pvp it would let you use an eternal without a nadroji crystal/ ring needed for + 4 sets

True that but it would take up a valuable mythic slot. If this was amulet, takes up valuable mythic slot that could be used for empyrean or sanctuary for eg. For rings, it’s ok idea but would still take up a valuable mythic slot which may matter in some builds but I think it may work. It will also free up 2 slots already used for all sets mythstones which can pay off in some builds successfully using nadroji mythic.

That mythic would be a pretty big deal and the expense will add up. Problem is that it takes 4 Elixir instead of 2 Elixir for 4+ all sets which you normally would do with 2 elixir mythstone. Also, you can’t add more than 1 of the same mythstone in sockets either so there would need to be a way to do that if the mythic was added. For the finding legends part like rare legends, I’m not sure if we even need that because nadroji (5) was already powerful enough. Another thing is that even in dps build, you not only get all sets capped but also have increased rare legend chance and same in farm build or even exp build if you put it there. Just something to think about @Stryder :slight_smile: .

This is quite an interesting idea for sure.

Gah… you’re right CuzegSpiked, I forgot about the limitation preventing duplicate ms in the same item. Bugger. Why does that exist? Mythstones aren’t all that powerful, most have legend affixes that outrank them and the ones that don’t like Elixer have stat caps.

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