Nadroji question

I made it past floor 100 and still trying to push for floors 200+. I recently found out about the “Nadroji” set and I saw the ring and the amulet in the codex says “from powerful enemies. Found past floor 100” that being said how should I go about farming this? Do I have to set my difficulty to legend or mythic? Do I have to farm a boss past floor 100? Do I have to farm the orange shrines? Or a cartographer map? Thank you.

Found from powerful enemies means only found from defeating epic, legend or mythic enemies. This also classifies it as a ultra rare legend. They are hard to find but nadroji can make finding them easier.

For shrine enemies, orange shrine is one way but to summon epic enemies from any shrine, you can use hunter ring or have the hubter perk from ascension. Also, you can get this nadroji ring on any difficulty since it doesn’t say which difficulty the nadroji ring drops at.

Epic enemies means any epic enemies included. This means if you defeat epic enemies from shrine, epic enemies at end of floor, cartographer, enslaver and by feat, they all have a chance of dropping a rare legend such as nadroji ring.

Legend and mythic enemies also drop nadroji ring. Mythic enemy would either get an eternal nadroji ring or just legend drop. Why? It drops 1 eternal and 3 legends. That eternal has a chance of nadroji ring and the legends also have chance of nadroji ring.

Wow! Very happy you could explain so deeply about my question, I have a few more if you don’t mind me asking @CuzegSpiked

Sure,go ahead. Don’t hesitate to ask questions.

Can you deeply explain and Ascension to me? I’m almost level 70, I know it’s at 99. @CuzegSpiked

just scroll it down der is a detailed guide der for ascension as well as all basic info u need

Thank you


There are 6 Asencion

1 - Dealer - Loot price becomes doubled when selling
2 - Enshrine - Shrines are doubled when going to any maps
3 - Hunter - every shrine including the HP/MP regen pool shrine spams 1 - 3 Epic enemies.
4 - Adventurer - Doubles Luck and Gold 150 to 250%??(correct me if im wrong im easily to forgot😂)
5 - (Forgot the name) - Increase the drop chance of Extremely Rare Crystals ( ex. Obsidian, Amethyst and Ruby) to 300%
6 - (also forgot the name) - Increase the drop chance of eternal legend items to 300%

Every Ascend your exp pool increase by x2 x4 x6 x8 x10 Ooops I forgot Again… :dizzy_face::dizzy_face::dizzy_face:

I’m gonna try epiphany set with exp gain for 250% exp gain as new cap. Basically 6 quest stones plus 2-4 legend affix for exp gain. Another alternative is using seven deadly sins gears which I didn’t use with 6 quest stones, and with epiphany set for 250% exp gain as cap. Paying off already and I only added 15% exp gain for 215% exp gain atm.

I think a tip i would recommend is work your way to floor 600 on epic mode or mythic 3 to farm epiphany gear before ascending much, as wizard because it is wizard item. Mythic 3 to farm seven deadly sin gear at floor 500. Just a tip I wanted to share really. That epiphany set can also be great for farming later on after ascending much. This doesn’t have to be done but it’s an option. Maybe this tip could be added to SHTT guide?

Edit: I just realised that with seven deadly sins and epiphany, you need alot of investment because I forgot about the all sets cap to 0 lol . 4 epiphany and 3 seven deadly sins is possible on gear though. The cap of exp gain becomes 240% but the quest stones increase in value by 15%. This means 30% becomes 34.5% per stone and on jewellery, 40% becomes 46% exp gain. 4×34.5% = 138% exp gain + 2×46% = 86%.

138+86= 230% exp gain altogether just from 6 quest stones on seven deadly sins+epiphany. Thats just 10% left to get 240% cap.

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Genius tip, I’ll look into it. I think I’ll ascend first because I’d like to get that perk for a boost of rare items.