Hi, first post here!

I’m curious about the Nadroji set and how it works exactly. For the set itself, what items does it help find? Is it only the ones that say they only drop from powerful enemies, or does it help with things like epiphany? What exactly constitutes a rare legend? Is there a list somewhere?

As for the bonus, when does that happen? Is the enemy rarity boosted when the map is loaded, or when the monsters spawn from those swirling blue circles?


I’ve been farming for a wizard or rogue insolence (I’m a warrior but I want the horn) for 2 ascensions (Legend and Mythic ascension) wearing Nadroji (8) by repeatedly using a hunter ring on the shrines, and loading a new map after killing the shrine champions, but no love so far. I’ve taken a break from that and am now farming at floor 600 for epiphany stuff, and I’m wondering if Nadroji will help with that or if I should just wear my regular farming gear?

as far as the bonus goes, in other posts, it has been stated that the bonus takes effect as the enemy spawns, but the 2 Nadroji bonus’s don’t stack, so it is only a 100% bonus to the monster spawns. also, it only increases the chance of the spawns becoming either Magic/Rare tier monsters. basically the bonus is good for getting better experience while Ascending and completing the monster spawn Feats. since better tier monster drop better/more loot, that is a good thing also. try doing a search on Nadroji bonus.
for the rest of your question, hopefully you will get answers soon.

Rare legends are items that are only obtained by killing powerful enemies (codex desc.). Nadroji set increases the rarity of legends dropped by a certain %. Every enemy has a chance of dropping a legend item. But not all enemies are capable of dropping rare legend items. Only powerful enemies are capable of doing that. I dont know if rare and epic bosses are considered as powerful enemies. But im sure legend and mythic bosses are powerful enemies. The only advice that i can give to you is try equipping full nadroji set when you are near at the point of completion of epic bosses feat (summoning legend boss) and legend boss feat (summoning mythic boss). Hunter ring is a good way to speed up the process. Or you can just use dust if you can afford it. And also dont forget to max luck and item drop for higher chances.

I dont think epiphany set is considered as rare legends. Just follow the codex desc for obtaining epiphany items. I was able to get an epiphany item (loop and apex) without equipping nadroji set. Just a standard farming gear with high item drop%.

Yeah you only need one nadroji item

Gotcha. Ugh still farming for the epiphany hat and ring, and I’ve gotten 3 wizard masochist rings which has the same graphic so I get excited and then let down.

I did, however, after countless (probably upwards of 10k) diamonds, get a perfect roll on an Apollyon and then a perfect obsidian roll to make my perfect hammer!

So that’s exciting, 2 items away from my version of the 100% block build.

nice. perfect rolls for the win! :laughing: