I have farmed for about a week now and can’t get any of the items to drop I’m farming on floor 254 atm and nothing:( is the drop percentage that low?

I usually farm floor 100-200 to get nadroji and I got about 5 at 2hrs farming by just killing shrine guardian and restart

It’s a luck actually…

Alright thanks I’ll try that:)

Yeah, just to inspire a little hope…
I got one fairly “quickly” (I say that cuz I got it within like 3 weeks of playing, and I only play maybe 4 hours a day) at stage like… 110-120. I got a ring to drop for me with 4 empty sockets, so I made a Hunter Ring out of it, and got an amulet to drop after killing a shrine boss. I was pretty psyched. :smiley:

Been playing for nearly a month now. Still no Nadroji.

Took me a month to get two Nadroji. I rarely play anymore, but that’s all I’ve gotten.

Hmm for me i always accidentaly get nadroji i just covert them lol … Hmm maybe fortunate perk will help you … Also try adding luck stats . im at floor 1147 m3 atm but i farm at floor 200 like 3-5 hrs

spam 200-300 floor use some luck or boost for higher chance to get nadroji

I’ve got 2 nadroji after my 4th reset. And I even choose the FORTUNATE and TREASURED on my 1st and 2nd reset.,., So I’m pretty bad at luck.,., any way.,., worth the play.,., That’s the challenge
5 stars for me.,., ^^

Got two nadroji amulet today and didn’t even need them :heart_eyes:

I think one good advice (I can’t 100% guarantee this will work but its worth a try) is to farm near the floor where its dropped. So for nadroji amulet or ring, maybe farm around floor 100 or so to hopefully speed up chance of getting them or 100-200 floor range. For some rare legends such as nadroji robe or cap, maybe stay around 200 floor or so.

Obviously this is best along with proper farming gear but if you haven’t got nadroji at all, you just farm until you get one. To get Nadroji’s robe or cap, proper farming gear along with nadroji (5) or (6+ if you use the nadroji bonus and is optional) always helps .

Difficulty can be a factor to consider too when looking for specific legends as well as speed of floor completion and well equipped farming gears. I hope this helps.

Obviously it depends on the RNG but you can increase chances ofc with farming gears, certain floor range and sometimes difficulty as well. You can only hope to be lucky. Nadroji is a powerful set affix in itself when farming and boost chances for “rare legends” (which includes increased chances to find more nadrojis gear because they are classified as “rare legends”)

I have the new nadroji suit and it doing well haha