Name Bug?

I craft Gelid Smasher with Block crystal affix. I put a cyclone mythic on it. But the info show that it is a nova hammer. I want to craft it further and use it soon on pvp, but I afraid that somebody will report me due to the fact that it has a name glitch and/or having a crystal block on mh weapon which is must be on oh weapon only. And I dont cheat to create this weapon.

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Sometimes its happen with other name… enigma, comic orb. Etc

yes, that is a common glitch. I have a few PVE items like that, and they still makes me nervous. and I don’t even use them in PVP, not much anyways. :laughing: when new players join the Battle Arena, those kind of reports will happen until they learn better, as when they make the same item and start freaking out, or start reading posts in the Forums about the glitch.

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Yeah. I hope it will not cause much problem and report issues hahaha.