Nature, Talent and jasper

The warrior, how come it has 2 Druidic amulets but only one has the Druidic bonus? o.o shouldn’t they both have the Druidic bonus? Anyway, thanks for checking, now i’m 100% sure that only the amulet can have the bonus as the codex states. By the way, in the codex, only the Mana Shield, Ring and chest, can have the Druidic affix. The Amulet is the only one that has the bonus, not that you helped me made sure of it.

Good luck with your build too Rainman2412 :smiley:

Simple answer, the amulet that doesn’t have the bonus is probably from before the patch.

Good luck!

Oh! yeah. Good luck! Feel free to message me for anything, as you have helped me a lot with my question.