Nature, Talent and jasper

Hey guys, what is nature and talent? also what does the jasper do?
Converts item’s affixes, skills, and talents to a new class is what it does apparently but i still dont udnerstand, can someone explain please?

Jasper changes the item so it can be used by another class but it has too change it somewhat so like a skull will get changed into a trap if you where switching too a rogue. Nature is the thing where when you click too look at an item and it will say name of nature and each nature does something different mainly what they do is small stat buffs. Talents are if you go into the stats page and click on the 3rd of the yellow boxes you get certain ranks of those from gear depending on your level and you can change which ones you get from the gear with certain crystals. Hope that helps :smile:

So Jasper can change any weapon into another classes weapon? example, a staff into a bow? Will the affix be the same or changed to suit that class?
The nature, am i able to view the stat buffs? how will i know what kind of stat buffs i get from my nature?

Also, is there anyway i can change a skill of a certain weapon? like a staff uses comic, can i change that into a barrage?

Amber, but it can only be used for your weapon’s special.

hmm, okay. Thank you

Yes but Jasper does have some specifics like it would actually be a gauntlet that turns into a bow here’s a link too skaul’s thread it has the ways Jasper converts stuff in it skaul’s hierchy of tips and tricks and here’s a link too the wiki page on nature’s it lists all the buffs you can get natures

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A lot of your ? In many of your posts can be solved via @Skaul’s thread
and trial and error :slight_smile:

Jasper doesn’t change nature but it does change talents, skills and the affixes such as 5 meteor into lets say 5 ambush. You could easily test this via trial and error as well as read skauls SHTT. Jasper is so easy nowadays that wasting one isn’t a big deal. All you need is a good farming build with 200% item drops (with 100% hidden item drops) and a fast speed at killing enemies and mowing through floors to get crystals. Also every 100 floors, the crystal rarity increases by a tier and at floor 500, your common drop instead of calcite is kyanite. Your diamond drop turns into emerald at floor 500 and what was once jasper drop is an obsidian in floor 500.
Also when it changes talents, say sorcery 20, turns into mutilate 20 if you turn the item into rogue item and for weapons, if you change comet to chakram, your meteor turns into the special skill for chakram

Jasper Conversion table

Blue - Wizard
Red - Warrior
Green - Rogue

What if i found a Druidic, Druidic bonus Mirror and use a jasper on it? it will turn into a mana shield with druidic and druidic bonus right?

Yes, that is correct.

okay, wow that is great. by the way, i read in the codex. Druidic, Druidic bonus is with a mana shield, im wondering if it’s possible to find Druidic and Druidic bonus on a wand or something?

I’m not sure about a wand specifically, but you can find set affixes on a variety of different items. I have found Druidic on rings, offhands for all 3 classes, headgear I think. I would have to check to see which of those has the bonus also.

Generally speaking, I save any legendary item with set affixes that are really good such as Druidic, Plagued, Eternalized, Nadroji, Crystalline, etc. regardless if those items fit the current character I am building. This way if I start a new character build I have a stash of items to work with. With Jasper they can all be exchanged between classes. Most importantly, if you are crafting a crystal affix onto the legendary item, you will need more than one copy of the item to make sure you get the crystal affix you want. For example, I think it took 5 tries for me to +% crit damage crystal affix onto my Immortal Flintlock with the Eternalized set affix on it. I had to accumulate 5 copies of the item (and 5 Obsidians) to get the combination I wanted.

Hope this helps,

I don’t know, kind of not sure of some things on this game because its never really fully explained. I want the Druidic regen effect, so i will need 1 gear with a Druidic bonus and 3 gears with just druidic. The question is, is it possible to even get a Druidic bonus on any other gears apart from the amulet, as the codex states. I guess i’ll just keep farming and see for myself :smiley: Thank a lot though! ^^

I will check for you in my stashes to see what items I have found that have the bonus. Give me about 15 minutes to look through them all :smile:

Really? wow, thank you! sorry for troubling you!

No worries, it’s a good question and I’m planning on starting a plagued/druidic build soon so I need to know the answer too lol.

ahaha! me too! i’m going for a plague and Druidic build as well :smiley: I think you can only get the Druidic bonus on the amulet like the codex states, because i’ve never seen a Druidic bonus anywhere else, but just to be sure, you can look through your stash as i haven’t actually been playing for long and might be wrong.

Ok, after playing for about a month maybe I have 3 characters full of items that I have stashed because I think they might be useful at some point. These are a mix between version 2.0 and 2.1. Here are all the items that I have found that have Druidic set affix on them with the Bonuses mentioned separately. My main toon is a rogue which I have played almost exclusively if that matters. I will be building either a Warrior or Wizard poison build once I accumulate more CS/MS.

None (I had no idea! lol)

Ring x2
Runetotem x4
Amulet x2 (One with Druidic Bonus)
Armor x2 (has Ignore Resist affix too which is really nice)

Armor x4 (has Ignore Resist affix too which is really nice)
Mana Shield

Hope that helps. Based on a small sample size, the only piece I have with the Bonus is indeed an amulet. The Ignore resist on the armor is really nice so that should be one of your 4 pieces to get the Bonus. Other than that, I have seen no weapons for any class with Druidic on them. Can’t tell if that is reality or just the small sample size.

Anyway, looks like I have a good stash to start my build with ;).

Good luck on yours ljyupe!