Im just going to make this because some of the in-game book is wrong

Blessed +15 all resistance (flat)
Death 2.5% crit chance
Elements +5% element damage
Evasion +1.5% dodge
Greed +25% gold find
Haste +2.5% attack speed
Luck +25% luck
Protection +15 armour (flat)
Strength +10% crit damage
Wisdom +2.5% reduced resource cost


I believe Death is +2.5% Crit Chance. when I have the base +10% Crit, +45% Crystal Crit Chance, and 2 Death Nature’s, I get +60% Crit Chance. I had 60% before I change my 2 Death to 1 each of Gold Find and Luck for my Farm Build, and Crit Chance went down to +50%.

Edit: I always thought the +1.5% for Evasion was weird, since 6 of them only give +9% Dodge. on higher floors and Pack Size Maps, that missing +1% can get you killed. only useful if you can’t get a Crystal Dodge maxed out.


Scoundrel set affix gives nice dodge boost if you can stomach the skill swap