Navigation and music problem

hello. so yeah i don’t really know where to start. i really like this game and want it to grow even more but i recently got 2 bugs.

the first one is that the sound in game isn’t flowing smoothly it’s delayed and happens in 1second music parts everytime so it’s sacaded.

the second one is my navigation map is zoomed in and like stretched out vertically.

can anyone help me fix those problems pls?

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Hello XgothakuX and welcome to the Dungeon Quest Forums!

This bug has been reported and the devs have already addressed the issue. They might have to jump a few hoops before this issue will be resolved.

Never heard about this one… Do you mind recoding your game for the devs to see and analyze? Maybe even share your phone’s specs like ram and android version.

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6gb ram and android 10.
i’m on a oneplus A5010

the video will follow later


okay so apparantly the music is working fine. but once i use my bluetooth for my headset it get delayed every second.

my headset is a taotronic soundsurge 46

and thank you for the information and fast reply :slight_smile:


Pleasure to help fellow player! Have a nice day!