*Need* 2021 Viable M3 - 500 floor farming with Whirlwind build? w/ Wiz Hireling

Hello, I have been reading as much as possible the past week, but most of the threads I keep seeing are from 2015, 2016 and or they talk about builds that “Used” to work but are patched out etc.

I played for a few months back in 2015 on ipad but I picked it back up a couple weeks ago and having a blast.

I have a Warrior with a Hammer / Horn (Taunt) type build and a Wizard hireling atm.
Both of them are level 85 on the 6th and final Ascension , so soon I will be able to remove the EXP socket items.

I do have 3 pieces of Nadroji, Crystal Helm and 90% of all Legends for Warrior and Wizard unlocked prior to level 400 with about 6000 Dusts to spend as well. I am sitting on 10 obsidians and 20-50 down through Jasper. 5 of the +2 to all sets mythstones and 3-5 of the other high end ones that I can play with currently

I want to be able to farm the Eternal , Rares etc at floor 501 and looking for some real builds with pictures so I can start figuring out which gears to buy with Dusts and start to roll for good stats etc.

If anyone has a link for a build that I can just use to get to that next intermediate level ?
or are those older 2015, 2016 builds still viable?

Here are just a handful of the many threads I have spent hours and hours searching. I eventually will want to continue to learn and build something unique, but there has to be some cookie cutter stuff out here to bridge the gap :slight_smile:


Thanks for any help ,


Without going much into detail, IMO the best builds that I can think for high floors are utilizing either Crushing Flames, Frozen or both.

Thats not to say other builds like Plagued and Perma Stealth cant compete anymore, it is just a matter of preference.

My Wizard hireling got me to floor 1k using Crushing Flames and Lv40 Skullshield. Nothing out of the ordinary(except not using a Skull OH) but that saves alot of space for my Warrior to go full Defensive build with Farm affixes like Luck, Crystalline, Eternalized and Nadroji.


I’m after some details ! lol

But are these old 2015, 2016 builds still working?
I read something about how frozen mobs no longer explode and some other type stuff, but after reading post after post after post for days with no real value I was hoping some of you Vets can brush off a current build and post some pictures of some pieces of value to start building / rolling towards.

@LK_Stradmore so are you saying floor 501 is considered a “High” Floor?


it is all about what has been change from the past to present.

one big example is that in the early days, only a few items had +100% ED, so many builds used a lot of +5000 ED for damage. now many Items have +100% ED, so 2 items with that affix does more damage than all items with +5k ED (+35k ED total), which saves space for other affixes that could increase damage or defense.


Yeah sure, thats a decent floor to be considered high. Considering that exp you gain in 500 and 1000 is almost nonexistent, id say go only above 500 to challenge your build to its possible potential than rushing the top for ultimate rewards.


You mean their is a big difference between floor 500 and floor 1000?


well, if you have no HP, Resist, Armor, Dodge, Block, Sanctuary, or anything else for surviving, floor 50 can be just as deadly/high as floor 500, 1000, or 20,000.

if you have good survival on your Gears, floor 1000 might not seem very deadly/high.

the damage monsters do and the health they have go up every floor, so monsters on floor 1000 are usually 2x as tough as those on 500, I think.


How about the reward?

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I think up to a certain floor, loot or monsters that drop loot are boosted, but I don’t really know which floor the change is at, even though it has been posted a few times. I just farm where I need to, but for those who really need to know, just check your Stat Page to see what your Adventure Stats are (the ones that increase your Perks & Luck & stuff) and check the floors to see where it changes.

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