Need a easy rogue build

Can anyone give me a link or 2 for a easy rogue build thats good cause i need a few of them but i also looked around and don’t know which ones would be considered easy. I tried one which was suppose to be hard and its extremely hard for me because of all the crystals and luck you need haha. If there are a few rogue build that are easy please give me the links id appreciate it cause I’m trying my hardest to learn the ropes of this game haha and I’m also frustrated with being stuck lol

Try putting the appocalypse mythic in your main hand weapon to summon 3 furies to distract your enemy as you attack. To make sure you never run out of MP to cast your attacks get a permafrost hat and enough to permafrost sets to activate the bonus. Make all gear the same element. Add element damage and critical to gear. You can manage without Chrystal affixes in early game. Just use epic and reroll. That’s a start. Try getting block and dodge on gear.

a really easy Rogue Build is to use only Epic Affixes. you only need Angelite and Kyanite. I have made a few Epic Affix Builds for my Wizard in both Campaign and Battle Arena. Crafting Builds like this helps you to understand the basics of making Builds. I would suggest making sure you have at least 2x or 3x Epic +30% Weaken to break through enemies with tough resistances to Elements in Campaign Maps.

read @Mr_Scooty Immortal Build Reveal for tips on the Epic Affixes that are best to use in PVP. (I used some of the tips I read and my Epic PVP Builds do pretty good. I have gotten them into Eternal League, but not very far. I think I got one of them to Division 6 a few times, but that was before a lot of Immortal Builds got into Eternal League)

also, making an Epic Build makes it easier when you have an idea and want to change a few affixes, like if you want to go with less defense and more offense. this also saves on other Crystals for when you are ready to start Crafting Legend Items. and you really end up appreciating Obsidian, since Crystal affixes are triple value affixes. the first time I used an Obsidian, the excitement of having 2 extra spaces for affixes was like having Christmas and my Birthday on the same day!

well, after you have been playing with this Epic Build for awhile, you should find some other Crystals that you can use to raise the values of the affixes, raise the level of the items, experiment on which Element you like to use, do you want to use one or two Elements, change Weapons to test play other Skills, use different affixes than ones you already have when you get that idea in your head ‘wow, that looks better than what I’m using now!’